50 Things You are Likely to Find in a Woman’s Purse

January 13, 2012 by realityspeaks  
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Catch them unawares; you never know what’s in there. This post reveals things you are likely to find in a woman’s purse.

Every man that asks a woman what she carries in her purse/handbag gets a monotonous reply in a rather unfriendly tone…”Essentials”. If you observe keenly, a woman wears a wry smile after the response. Most women claim they carry essentials in their purse. However, the weight of a purse tells a different story. Don’t feel surprised if you find a dazed pet in there. Strange things emerge out of a woman’s handbag. The clutter inside can scare anybody. What do women carry in their purse? If you’re aimlessly scratching your head wondering what lies in there, read on…

Things you might find in a woman’s purse

1. Mirror- Yes, every woman carries one in her purse, stashed in a secret compartment. Those who claim they don’t are liars.

2. Mints- These lie strewn all over inside a woman’s handbag.

3. Cell Phone- No woman can do without one. It’s her friend for life. Every woman loves it when it rings.

4. Make up Kit- Not all women carry this, the ones that don’t are dead.

5. Credit Cards- You will find plenty of these in a woman’s bag.

6. Loose change- it may sound surprising, but women love the jingle-jangle in their in their handbag. It keeps them motivated.

7. Chocolates- Women love to carry small chocolates in their bag and eat them all by themselves. These are seldom shared.

8. Creams/Moisturizers/Lotions- A women without these in her purse does not exist.

9. Pepper Spray- A trusted friend.

10. Sunglasses- An essential.

11. Dental Floss- Most women pay heed to their dentists.

12. Morning-After Pill- Don’t look surprised!

13. Lighter- Come on baby Light my Fire!

14. Lip Gloss/Lipstick- Pout or no pout, women love to tease.

15. Nail File- Women love to use this when time permits. It makes them look stylish and sophisticated.

16. Receipts- Most women are unaware of tattered and torn receipts in their bag.

17. Pens- A woman’s purse always has room for these.

18. Prescription medicines- You will find plenty of prescription medicines in a woman’s handbag, several that have passed their expiration date.

19. Hand Sanitizer- Women are sticklers for cleanliness.

20. Gum- Often chewed mercilessly until the sweetness lasts.

21. Perfume/Deodorant- Women feel good when they smell good!

22. Camera- Most women take pictures when you are not watching.

23. Keys- Every woman loves opening doors!

24. Hard Candy-These are popped to kill boredom. These are shared with others too.

25. A Bag- Yes, a bag inside a handbag shouldn’t come as a surprise. God isn’t the only one who moves in mysterious ways.

26. Checkbook- Women love to write.

27. Toothpicks- These are often used for other purposes.

28. Calculator- It helps women take decisions at a discount sale.

29. Business Cards- Women take pride carrying these.

30. Old Movie Tickets- Every woman’s handbag contains a few.

31. Wallet- The dainty little wallet loves spending time in a woman’s handbag.

32. Tissues- These are often used to get rid of excess makeup.

33. Nail Clipper- It’s seldom used but carried along.

34. Toys- Not the ones you’re thinking…children’s toys!

34. Cash- A woman always keeps cash for random purchases.

35. Planner- This keeps women busy when they have no plans.

36. Band-Aid- For cuts, bruises and other things.

37. Lip Balm- Every woman has a favorite.

38. Safety pins- God knows why?

39. Address book- Women don’t miss out on anything.

40. Identification Card- Women love gazing at their own picture.

41. Reading Glasses- Seldom worn while reading but carried along.

42. USB flash drive- Women love storage devices.

43. Portable media player-For music, videos and images on the go.

44. Hair Ties- These come in handy for other purposes too.

45. Coupons- More the better.

46. Tampons- Yes. Tampons!

47. Pocket Calendar- Women love to keep an account of dates.

48. Small water bottle- Women love taking small sips of water on the move.

49. Hairbrush/Comb- A woman’s friend for life.

50. Small Flashlight- This is often used to find other things in the purse.

The contents mentioned in the list above throw light on why a woman’s handbag is heavy. This article is intended to make a woman’s purse lighter. Make sure you carry things that are an absolute necessity. Get rid of unwanted things that lurk in the depths of your purse. When you accomplish that feat strain on your shoulder is reduced. Most importantly your purse is clutter-free. Every woman has favorites she just can’t do without. Those things have got to be in her purse at all times.

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63 Responses to “50 Things You are Likely to Find in a Woman’s Purse”
  1. Lisa Marie Mottert Says:

    This is very informative… though I don’t carry alot of these items mentioned. I’ve known ladies that carry (unused) teabags, food, in their handbag.. probably fit more if they had more room!
    Well written!!
    Thanks for the nice share!

  2. SydneyJ Says:

    This is quite true! It is a little crazy we learn to make it all fit

  3. Rosettaartist1 Says:

    mine just has money in

  4. kalule Arthur Says:

    There’s always a mirror but a broken one.
    If it’s of a csw you may also find there a land title in some else’s name.

  5. Sebastian Onciu Says:

    Interesting post;anyway,women are always unpredictable,so I prefer not to know what they carry in their purses!

  6. Moses Ingram Says:

    I agree and could probably add a few more. Good share.

  7. koperty3 Says:

    Yes. Woman’s purse can be like ocean :) Interesting article.

  8. sheilanewton Says:

    Yep – all those things – and probably MORE! hahaha!

  9. Robert Heston Says:

    I tend to agree with Sebastian. It’s probably safer for men not to know everything that women carry in their purse.

  10. Zoe Hillson Says:

    So you had to tell the world what women have in their handbags. Isn’t there any secrets that women can keep out of the public knowledge?! Thanks! Great post anyway.

  11. prsol46 Says:

    Wow, I should probably be concerned that I didn’t know this! Great list!

  12. Morning Girl Says:

    Well dear you are right!

  13. erwinkennythomas Says:

    be always prepare

  14. ittech Says:

    Great stuff.

  15. ramonf77 Says:

    You should do a story on what men carry in their man bags.

  16. dazzlejazz Says:

    Yes to 3,6,1,23,28 and 46 :)

  17. iva75cpb Says:

    That would take a bagpack rather than a purse… :)

  18. Jay Banzon Says:

    I agree… nice share :}

  19. Fika Thiana Says:

    Nice post friend…. I enjoy read this post… And made ​​me think, as a woman… :)

  20. aheed411 Says:


  21. ivaylo2009 Says:

    Very Interesting and Clear True.Sometimes the woman have everything that is needed to men too.

  22. girishpuri Says:

    very interesting

  23. ittech Says:

    well written

  24. sambasivarao Says:

    Good observation. Nice and funny writing

  25. Ruby Hawk Says:

    I don’t carry all these things but my purse is always full to running over.

  26. Simply Sara Says:

    Fairly accurate…and trust me, you don’t one of those chocolates anyway. For one thing, they are there in case of an “emergency.” Second, you have no idea how long they’ve been in there!

  27. KimberlyMartin Says:

    Informative, entertaining, accurate. Get your webcam out of my handbag now!

  28. LCM Linda Says:

    Interesting topic. I don’t carry all the things mentioned, but I have a lot to carry and always use a big handbag.

  29. ittech Says:

    Very well done.

  30. Jay Samson Says:

    I’m not a woman but a ton of those things are in my backpack o_O.

  31. iTrMandar Says:

    Nice one!

  32. ittech Says:

    Thanks for the great tips!

  33. Yvhes P. Says:

    very nice post. thanks for sharing =)

  34. vijayanths Says:

    Interesting info.

  35. Eliza26 Says:

    Fun article!

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  37. Ixodoi Says:

    Well I guess 13 out of 50 is good enough :)

  38. somiasom Says:

    lolzz..i really got fun of reading this wonderful article.. i liked this,, and i gonna share this to my facebook friends :) thanks.

  39. nurzaira Says:

    wow yeah women are often carry a lot of stuff in purse.. it is partly like the contents of my purse :)

  40. onestep234 Says:

    interesting post

  41. FX777222999 Says:

    Ohhhh..too much!

  42. vladimire popovski Says:

    I find it interesting and funny.lol

  43. Jay Samson Says:

    Ooh I know one: Chapstick.

  44. kelceechapman Says:

    the truth:)

  45. misterdd Says:

    very nice :)

  46. Nidhi Rai Says:

    Good share.

  47. blackbird of the pond Says:

    I think many, if not most, of these things found in women’s purses or bags are also found in men’s carry-alls. It’s not a monopoly of women. Or, the men ask the women to put them in their bags first to be retrieved later by the men when they need them already (especially if both of them are going out to the same place). On the other hand, some women (I’m not saying all women) do carry a lot of things because in many societies, women do have a lot of things to do, sometimes even multi-tasking along the way. (Although I’m not saying that it’s always proper to always ask women to do all these things because it might be bordering already on sexism.) Thus time is of the essence so having their “props” ready at all times helps a lot for the women.

  48. SharifaMcFarlane Says:

    All of these items are essential ;-)
    Hum, when they save the day, no one complains.

  49. pogi253 Says:

    nice post

  50. Jsqc Writer Says:

    Very interesting and true :)

  51. sujaysen Says:

    Very interesting post. Thanks for sharing.

  52. jfay1995 Says:

    very much like my pocketbook. Mine needs to be cleaned out. It also has lots of nailpolish in it, unwritten bills, scissors, notes, the kitchen sink, pictures, etc….

  53. Nidhi Rai Says:

    great stuff.

  54. ittech Says:

    XLNT post

  55. girishpuri Says:

    very nice

  56. Kristie Claar Says:

    If it doesn’t fit in my back pocket, hence, money, bank card, license, cell phone. It has no business going with me.

  57. Nidhi Rai Says:

    Very interesting.

  58. ittech Says:

    Very well presented.

  59. ittech Says:

    ohhh surprise to know this , so many things are there!!!!

  60. carissimi Says:


  61. lauralu Says:

    Nice one, we do have our essentials lol

  62. Sonia Doreen Says:

    Too long…but you just answered every other guys questions. ‘What is it that you Carry in there…lol’

  63. elee Says:

    writing is very good Congrats, to you * :)

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