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May 28, 2011 by keemo7792  
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The top five prettiest women to ever kindly grace the world of man.

So i’m not diving right into this. First of all, each of these girls is absolutely perfect, and of course this list is by no means official, it’s opinionated. Since these are my top 5, and each of them is perfect, each one is sort of picked to be the perfect “something”. By this i mean perfect “beach girl” etc.

5) Meghan Fox

For all of those people who just flipped out of their seat in surprise at finding Meghan Fox only at fifth place, keep your pants on. This article is for the prettiest women in the WORLD, thats a lot of competition. Meghan Fox is brilliant. Between her and well….any other girl, she’d be the top pick. Unless “any other girl” happens to be one of the next 4.

Shes the perfect girl to have as a co-worker, something to keep the days bright.

4) Jessica Alba

Yes, gorgeous blond Jessica Alba comes in fourth place. She’s known for her famous beach poses, and her particulary exciting snapshot where shes caught enjoying a lollipop :) .

Shes the perfect beach girl…i imagine that the ugliest beach in the world would become all that much better just because she’s on it.

3) Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis is a typical foreign hottie coming all the way from Ukraine. She is probably best known for her role as Jackie in the show “That 70’s Show”. She would be, in my eyes, be the perfect friend. You know what i mean, i dont mean like simple friend, i mean the beautiful friend that i enjoy having around, just for jokes and stuff. Kind of like Robyn in how i met your mother.

2) Alessandra Ambrosio

Shes a killer, isn’t she? That’s why she was chosen to model for Victoria’s Secret. She’s the perfect, uhm…she’s just perfect.

finally, in first place

1) Penelope Cruz

By far the number one spot. She doesn’t ever sign up for “sexiest woman alive” competitions and all that nonsense, because she knows she’d hands down embarass the competition. Makes her almost a million times hotter.

between this picture, and the picture of Penelope Cruz, Penelope Cruz leaves the sun in her dust.

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