15 Great Gifts to Get Your Man

November 9, 2010 by dkrichar  
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A list of some gift ideas to get for the man in your life.

Here is a list of ideas for you to look at. Maybe some will appeal to you and maybe some won’t. Other’s might just give you an idea of something he was wanting or something you want to get him.

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1.)    If he likes to cook then get him some pots and pans

2.)    Does he like to fish & cook? Get him a deep fryer so he can fry fish in it. (Taste better, not as healthy)

3.)    Does he like to fish? Get him a tackle box with a giftcard to Bass Pro Shops, Gander Mountain, or Wal-Mart, or some other place that has fishing supplies.

4.)    Does he like to hunt? Find out what guns he has and go to a hunting supply store and buy bullets for him. Guys ALWAYS need more bullets. (FYI: Only if you have some extra cash on hand should you do this bullets can get expensive)

5.)    Does he like to draw or paint? Get him a painting or drawing supplies. Arts & Crafts store always keep this on hand. Hobby Lobby and Wal-Mart are the first two that comes to mind.

6.)    Cologne is always a good gift. Make sure he wears it and try to get something similar to the one he has if you don’t like the cologne he has.

7.)    Maybe your guy likes to take care of his skin and hair. Why not get him some face wash, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, shave cream, exfoliant, and a scrub? Some guys will take offense while other guys will secretly thank you and then other guys will just be overly joyed.

8.)    A hoodie of his favorite sports team is always great.

9.)    The lastest game he’s been wanting will always score you points.

10.) Is he a sarcastic guy? Get him a t-shirt will a funny or sarcastic saying.

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  1. dino renaldo Says:

    i like this post

  2. laine Says:

    whoa ! i love this post .. i don’t have the idea giving kitchen/cooking utensils .. now i do .. thanks 4 this post ! .. :D

  3. dkrichar Says:

    Thanks Ya’ll!

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