14 Signs You Could be Dating a Potential Stalker

January 11, 2011 by lilac4  
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Relationships can sometimes be a nightmare.

In the beginning of a relationship when everything is new we often ignore the early warning signs that Mr. or Miss. “Perfect” has some serious issues and could potentially turn out to be your worst nightmare. So I’ve listed the 14 main signs to look out to for in avoiding this dreadful experience.

1. You notice them being very possessive early on in the relationship.

2. Your partner becomes extremely angry when the opposite sex finds you appealing.

3. Your partner shows up to your work place or home uninvited or anywhere you did not invite them to.

4. You feel you’re being kept from your friends and family.

5. Your partner treats you as if you’re not a person but a possession.

6. You‘re not allowed your own opinions.

7. Your partner always demands to know where you are and what you’re doing.

8. You feel as though you’re being suffocated by them and their behavior.

9. Your partner becomes violent or verbally abusive.

10. After becoming violent or abusive they apologize and swear they’ll never do it again and/or buy you a gift.

11. You’re afraid to disagree in fear of their reaction.

12. You feel as though you’re not trusted.

13. You’re accused of doing things you haven’t done.

14. Your partner always puts you down.

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