10 Most Popular Places to Have Sex

September 26, 2010 by webseowriters  
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Are you looking for a best place to make love? Have a look at 10 most popular places.

If you are thinking that the best place for making love is only your bedroom, then you are absolutely right. A new survey of American women’s monthly magazine figures it out, but also told about the other favorite places to have sex.

Among the responses of 2000 readers, a few have appeared with unusual ideas, but most couples seem to have remained relatively clean and conventional places.

Very popular is the shower. As much as 82 percent of respondents admit that when they leave the bedroom, they washed each other, and then make love in the shower or bath.

The other popular places are as below with respondents percentage.

In cars: 80 percent couples

Swimming Pool: 54 percent couples

In Forest: 49 percent couples

On Kitchen table: 47 percent couples

In Parks: 43 percent couples

Standard: 36 percent couples

Parents of teenagers might unsettle to know that 34 percent of couples admitted that they sometimes use in their parent’s room.

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    I think the world is getting queer every minute. The Car, the forest? I don’t know what to think. Interesting share.

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    @Jimmy, yes it sound crazy but its a true survey, infect love can be make between a couple, every thing else is lust that leads sex outside in cars, forest, parks, even in Wall Mart, etc.

  13. Saurav Banerjee Says:

    Wonder what places are left?? I guess it would be a tough job to find some other places to make love??

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    How about your own home in bed?

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    the forest:) very freaky people.

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    You are very courageous to write so candidly, backed up with good research on this “hush-hush” subject. I agree that marital life should be very interesting, rather than boring. It should be vibrant. Hence the need to have intercourse at different places. In addition, style should also vary.

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