10 Most Frequent Sexual Fantasies for Women

October 7, 2010 by webseowriters  
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An analysis about female erotic fantasies, published by Lava life organization.

Women often incorporate into their fantasies with their partner, while men often dream about sex with other women, mostly with well known media sexpot. Have a look at Lava life latest research about women sexual fantasies.

The ten most common women’s erotic fantasies:

1st Sexy alien abduction. Typical romantic fantasy based on the female soul.

2nd Luxury escort. Women dreaming of being a luxury erotic services professionals earning big money. 

3rd Lesbian games. One of the few cases where women fantasies comply fully with the men.

4th Male slave in the household. This is not a classic game of dominant mistress and slave, women in this case, the dream of a man who was a slave to clean up their apartment and yet seduced to fondling and sex.

5th Older woman and younger man. Older women often dream of mustering bunny.

6th Two or more men. At this point, will fulfill your fantasy just a few women. Most men dream of a threesome or group sex, where women predominate.

7th Sex in public. Here again, women can meet men, if they belong to a public place imagination of men loving unusual places.

8th Dominance. Obedient women dream about men who willingly fill their orders. Here women can meet with male fantasy.

9th Indecent exposure. Women are very happy to show even better than men.

10th Voyeurism. Women like spying. It can take too, but not as much as women.

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39 Responses to “10 Most Frequent Sexual Fantasies for Women”
  1. jamesrcoffey Says:

    Good of you to share. When I did my internship in psychology, I dealt with sexual fantasy quite frequently. (Men would not participate in their women’s fantasies.) The most popular fantasy was rape/forced sex for women. Men had a hard time processing that!.

  2. Jimmy Shilaho Says:

    Isn’t this just funny?

  3. Adelnica Amor R. Izon Says:

    hmmm…i keep my silence haha!

  4. Blaber Blogger Says:

    Oh god lol
    do really women have such fantasies lol

  5. Ethics0006 Says:

    Good Post

  6. Jerry Bradford aka Jerry Atrixx Says:

    Truthfully, I have to say I don’t agree with this. I have questioned many women on the topic and not only the content but the order falls short of the mark.

    Alien abduction indeed. phishawww!

    There are a few completely missing from the list that I am positive would be at the top of the list.I wont elaborate or open up Pandora’s box on what they are but you women know…

    Forgive me for saying so but I am wondering if this mayhaps be YOUR personal list; not one put together by a group of abject women.

  7. B. Sting Says:

    shucks, I don’t see myself in there anywhere

  8. J Anderson Says:

    Nice post.

  9. albert1jemi Says:

    another good one

  10. webseowriters Says:

    Thanks you all for your interest

  11. webseowriters Says:

    @jamesrcoffey, well thats interesting

  12. webseowriters Says:

    @Jerry Atrixx, I don’t disagree with your opinions and I also not fully agree with the above post, but these are not my personal views, I mentioned above that I captured this data from Lava life research.

  13. webseowriters Says:

    @Leo, yest somewhat

  14. webseowriters Says:

    @Mr Arrogant, Yes I agree with few points

  15. Saurav Banerjee Says:

    Great share!! Loved reading it.

  16. webseowriters Says:

    @Saurav, thanks

  17. Emmie Says:

    Great post. Very insightful.

  18. webseowriters Says:

    Thank you Emmie

  19. Tattoo3658we Says:

    lol there first ones funny.

  20. cmanjuc Says:

    WOW , Great

  21. vijayanths Says:

    useful information for men.Lol.

  22. Kaye TM Says:


  23. clandestinef Says:

    i agree with some ….hehehehehe nice post.

  24. Noeal V Says:

    Nice Share.

  25. Alistair Briggs Says:

    Nice :)


    yeah haha. definitely true


    another interesting post, thanks for sharing.

  28. Manju Dhawan Says:

    interesting one

  29. 1Arjun Says:

    Most of them sound like male fantasies…

  30. SharifaMcFarlane Says:

    I think Lava Life needs to go over that research. I am a woman and I have also read other research. Some of these are true but quite a few aren’t and some popular ones are missing.

  31. ranjani prakash Says:

    interesting and i agree..good one…

  32. Jerry Bradford aka Jerry Atrixx Says:

    webseowriters Says:
    October 7th, 2010 at

    @jamesrcoffey, well thats interesting

    Read more: http://beyondjane.com/women/10-most-frequent-sexual-fantasies-for-women/#ixzz12BhTqpE3

    @webSEO & James Coffey: James is absolutely right. I too learn of this originally in College human sexuality course work but since then have learn this is the case in many discussions. It is for me one of the genders greatest paradoxes.

  33. Sourav Says:

    Great to read… ;)

  34. overclocked Says:

    good info here

  35. Raj the Tora Says:

    very nice interesting fantasies. Great compilation

  36. iamcoldfir3 Says:

    alien abduction is crazy .. lol

  37. Doy Acedo Says:

    i tend to agree with those of the men. not so sure with the women. maybe just being chauvinistic.

  38. sloanie Says:

    Your on the money with this list.

  39. Boo Says:

    What language was this automatically translated from? Is it too much for someone to take five minutes and rewrite it in English?

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