10 Most Annoying Things That Men Do

July 21, 2010 by Jimmy Shilaho  
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There are some things that men do that perennially annoy their women and drive them mad. After a mini survey that I contacted among female friends both online and off line, I came up with a list of the ten most annoying things that men do. Gentlemen, its time to shape up or shape out for our women have woken up!

She loves you alright and will do anything for you but there are some things that you do that annoy her so much that she feels like screaming for the whole world to listen. Sometimes men annoy their women unknowingly but when this annoyance is repeated time and again, to become a habit, our women have no choice but to air their views.

I have been asking women around and I came up with this list, a list of the ten most annoying things that men do sometimes to drive their women mad. Sometimes they do so knowingly while many a times, they act unknowingly.  If you are fond of doing the following, its time you changed your ways!

  1. Scratching your privates in public – I know you itch down there some times, I know you can’t help it but scratch yourself, but pray that you don’t do it in public for it embarrasses your woman and probably makes her mad. Why you should wait until you are out shopping at the mall for you to scratch your privates annoys her very much but she may not tell you to your face, but she may complain on her next visit to the salon if you won’t stop it!
  2. Urinating on the bathroom floor – Yes, sometimes you get drunk and fail to see the toilet bowl and when you urinate, you flood the bathroom floor for you aren’t steady. I know you are tipsy when doing it but it still irks your woman and she can not forgive you for it but will stay by you anyway. She does the cleaning much of the time and though you may not notice it, flooding the bathroom floor is the last thing she looks forward to.
  3. Picking your nose endlessly - Some men will endlessly pick their nostrils using their index finger while in public. Some of these men will not care to use a handkerchief and it happens so many times while out that their women almost die of rage. How annoying it gets but our women endure the annoyance anyway for the sake of love. If you are one of them types, it is time you put your act together.
  4. Leaving your underwear on the bedroom floor – Some men will always leave everything lying on the bedroom floor, from that suit to the dirty socks and even their underwear. They will shout ‘baby am home’ and leave all the stuff in the bedroom door as if rushing to some place, only to settle and watch TV or read the day’s paper. How annoying. You probably never thought she notices, well, the poor girl does. Spare her the agony.
  5. Never calling as promised – A man promises to call and never does. His woman is left waiting, waiting, and waiting even more! The mobile phone has eased the agony our women used to go through, remember the days when we depended on that fixed landline. How annoying! You may not believe it but a little courtesy will help. If you have no plans of calling her, never put her hopes up!
  6. Forgetting all the major dates – This is another area in which men score badly. Women may love surprises but they will never get used to that surprise of forgetting that birthday, that anniversary or any other important date in your union. It means the world to them when you remember for it shows that you care!
  7. Pretending to listen – She will catch you at this game. Women talk a lot and expect you to listen. Be sure she will ask some rhetoric question along the way and when you sit upright and ask, what were we talking about honey? She gets mad, very mad for all she wanted was a listening ear but you were busy thinking about something else or worse still, someone else!
  8. Ogling other women – They are beautiful, they are smashing, they are hot or whatever you may think but ogling those women you meet in public annoys her to the limit. She doesn’t want to share your eyes with every woman in town and wishes that you train your eyes to see her and appreciate her!
  9. Being honest about her looks – I don’t know how to put it but our sisters are afraid of the truth particularly when it comes to their looks. How do you answer this question? Honey how do I look in this? Don’t be honest and say, baby, you look so fat that I’d rather you try something else. Please don’t be honest. She needs your encouragement when she is having one of those bad hair days and your honesty is….well, annoying!
  10. Eulogizing your ex – It doesn’t matter how great or lousy she was in bed, or whether she died or became an astronaut and went to live on the moon, she doesn’t want to know it for it does not concern her. Eulogizing your ex girlfriend is the last thing she wants to hear and wishes she could murder you for it. Woe unto you if you were to be honest about this too for like they say, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!

There you are gentlemen, you have to either shape up or shape out for our women are more liberated nowadays and demand that you style up. Drop these annoying habits and many more, and things will never be the same again.

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33 Responses to “10 Most Annoying Things That Men Do”
  1. JoeKL Says:

    Very amusing :) Great as ever! :D

  2. LoveDoctor Says:

    You are so funny! A very funny article. At the gym, I notice a lot of guys scratching too. That is annoying. It’s not like I am staring, but you can sort of tell. Since you didn’t ask me, I am going to volunteer what really annoys me about guys. I can’t stand sneaky guys and I hate liars. thanks for sharing.

  3. LoveDoctor Says:

    How about guys who look sloppy and have no manners when they are chewing their food or burp and fart. Turn off!

  4. FaceOff Says:

    very nice post buddy

  5. Jimmy Shilaho Says:

    Believe me doc, there are so many things that annoy our women, but I had to settle for the best ten and I didn’t ask around Triond for wanting this post to be done incognito. Thanks for your contribution.

  6. ashan1614 Says:

    Nice list. I’d add channel surfing with the remote. It bugs me no end when my husband runs through all the channels at every commercial break. By the time he returns to the program we were watching, we’ve missed something vital.

  7. CA Johnson Says:

    This is a great list. All of these things annoy me. My ex used to urinate on the floor all of the time and that is one of the reasons why he’s an ex. LOL!

  8. Brenda Nelson Says:

    My husband has not done any of these.. YUCK!

  9. silentbob14 Says:

    Good advices :)

  10. Emmie Says:

    Hi Leo,

    Another great post from you here. I always enjoy reading your work. This top 10 list is hilariously funny… and i cannot stand men doing any of those so i’ve decided maybe that’s why i am not married!! :D


  11. ceegirl Says:

    Some men do have annoying habits. I guess that is men.

  12. Tulan Says:

    Men, do not ever do these things. They are horrible habits and you will pay for it. Your woman will see to it.

  13. CC23 Says:

    aw! this one’s really interesting! =)

  14. Ruby Hawk Says:

    Oh my goodness, a man should never do any of these things unless he knows he is completely alone. His wife should kill him if he dares do any of those things around her.

  15. Jenny Heart Says:

    OMG indeed! LOL

  16. 1hopefulman Says:

    Some things should only be done in private. Some men have no manners.

  17. LCM Linda Says:

    A good list. About phone call, some men knew their women calling them but didn’t bother to answer. No explanation afterwards or it sounded like a lie. This is also very annoying.

  18. drelayaraja Says:

    Great one.. I have also seen few women doing this…. Very unhealthy.

  19. Anuradha Ramkumar Says:

    What a wonderful post. I too hate people who do these especially nose picking, forgetting the dates, and pretending to be listening but doesn’t know what we said. Thnx that my hubby doesn’t do any of the things mentioned here.

  20. RSyed Says:

    these are funny … !

  21. wonder Says:

    Very true, a great message in writing, that makes it more valid.

  22. gaby7 Says:

    When it gets to picking noses I feel it something one had better do in private

  23. Christine Ramsay Says:

    I agree with all of these. They can really put a woman off. A very interesting and amusing read.


  24. Literary Princess Says:

    Thumbs up!

  25. Michal Dorcak Says:

    Nice article. I am so happy that I am not guilty of any of these things (well, except that scratching every now and then).

  26. heidiefernandez Says:

    Nice post but I agree with drelayaraja … I have seen few women doing the same thing..whowh.

  27. Starpisces Says:

    haha, so interesting, so you as a man, know what women don’t like, very alert, haha.
    well, depends on the mood of the women, sometimes women can take it, for certain habits, sometimes not that they can take it, but they have given up “hope” so do not complain much, haha..by the way, talking about digging of nose. Once I was sitting in the mrt, next to me was a neat and well dressed man, reading newspaper, the newspaper almost covered his face and body. I was peeping at the news (not the man), he don’t know I was peeping, and know what, I discovered him digging “gold” from his nostrils like nobody’s business, I then pretend I did not see it and pretend to doze off by closing my eyes.


    haha i find holding their crotch amusing. it sends some thoughts to my head that are not fit for this page. lol. thanks for sharing

  29. J M Lennox Says:

    Spot on! :-)

  30. mikky webs Says:

    This is really a complete lesson and point blank. Thanks for sharing.

  31. Tanya Webb Says:

    My husband annoys me when he insists on tucking his paper napkin around his neck during most meals. He is a good looking 32 year old guy who is very polite (Yes ma’am, no sir type) is very athletic and for some reason he panics at the thought of getting food stains on his shirts. His parents made him wear a napkin bib while he was growing up and for some reason as an adult he still does this. We have 2 boys ages 6 and 8 and we have them both tuck their napkin during meals, but when they get to be 12 or 13, the napkin should go on their lap. Maybe I am making too big of a deal about this?

  32. alex Says:

    what about all the stupid idiotic things women do that annoy men ?

  33. Melissa Says:

    My husband is a great looking, handsome guy but I also get a little embarrassed when we are in restaurants and he tucks his napkin in his shirt collar. Sometimes he’ll ask for a second napkin which goes in his lap. He says it is his military upbringing, had to protect his uniform in ROTC and the military. In reality it really is more practical to tuck your napkin around your neck so your shirt is protected from spills, but for some reason society looks at it differently unless you are 12 and under.

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