10 Extreme Gender Inequality

May 5, 2012 by Predators  
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Human rights of women in many parts of the world are systematically denied and violated, despite the diversity of political systems. Many governments suppress civil society by restricting press freedom, freedom of expression and the formation of organizations. Family law, criminal and citizens of such countries, relegated women to a subordinate status to men. Such discrimination undermines legal person status of women and their equal participation in company decisions, subjecting them to high risk of abuse and violence.

10 extreme gender inequality

10. Restriction on driving

In Saudi Arabia, women are forbidden to drive vehicles and even bicycles to travel with, and men are not allowed to have passengers in the car women who are not relatives. Saudi kingdom itself faced with the dilemma of transporting 367,000 girls to school and back home in school buses that can not be driven than men. The question is required at this point is: if any man is allowed to come into contact with schoolgirls and women are not allowed to drive cars, who will be driving the school bus? Ministry of Education currently recruiting “Al Ameen”, or trustworthy men for this duty. It may be hard for some to watch it without worrying start, considering that the religious police in Saudi Arabia betrayed the trust of parents of 15 girls in 2002, when a school for girls on fire. The police then allowed to leave the building and in some cases has even resorted to violence to prevent it, because little girls heads were not wrapped properly. The girls all died in a fire. So the question remains as Ministry of Education is planning to manage potential problems of a school bus in the care of people with similar inclinations.

9. Rigors clothing

In 2001, a militant group calling itself Lashkar-e-Jabar asked Muslim women in Kashmir to be “accessorized” with burka, sewing feet long from head to cover their clothes, otherwise they risk being attacked. There were two cases in which women were sprayed with acid on the face of men that were not covered by rules imposed in public. The same group of women called the Hindu and Sikh culture to dress in so they can be identified: they said that Hindu women must wear a “bind” on the forehead, and the Sikhs to cover their heads with blades transparent color violet.

8. The right to divorce

In many countries, while men can divorce their wives easily, often by denying oral, women’s access to divorce is often extremely limited, legal and financial obstacles confronting them not shift in this approach. In Lebanon, women physically abused by their men can divorce on charges of abuse, in the absence of eyewitness testimony. A medical certificate attesting to physical abuse is not enough for such an initiative. Although women in Egypt can now filed for divorce without cause is, they should willingly give up not only all assets and financial resources of the couple, but I have to pay the husband certain amount of money. In short, to buy back their freedom. In Israel, the man must devote his wife and a Jewish ordinance, a divorce can be filed only by man’s wife, and vice verse.

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