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June 27, 2013 by badboyaly  
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A survey shows that women are categorized ages. Probably men available, but until then let’s look at how are things here with women ages.

The survey tells us that ages are divided into 8 categories, and we will enumerate. And to not waste time, let’s get to work.

1Category 1: Ages 18-20 years old woman.

The woman is like Africa. It is found only half, the other half is wild and full of natural beauty.

2Category 2: Ages of women between 21-30 yearsThis woman is like America. Developed and open to

business, especially those with money.

3Category 3: Ages of women between 31-35 years

The woman is like India. Warm, safe and carefree beauty.

4Category 4: Women between the ages of 36-40 years

The woman is like France. It is known all want to visit

5Category 5: Women between the ages of 41-50 years

The woman is like Yugoslavia. Lost in the war, a criminal past mistakes, needs rebuilding

6Category 6: Women between the ages of 51-60 years

The woman is like Russia. He was in decline, with cold climate that keeps you away from it.

7Category 7: Women between the ages of 61-70 years

The woman is like Mongolia. With a glorious past of the conqueror, but no future.

8Category 8: Femi Ages 70 + years

The woman is like Afghanistan. Everyone knows where it is but nobody wants to visit.

So much for women ages .. you what you think? If you haveopinions, you’re welcome to comment on them together.
Until next time, do not let age affect your life. Live life to the fullest, as if every moment is golden. And then you feel true happiness.

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