Wondrous Wedding

April 30, 2011 by tonyleather  
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What an incredible day for the people of this great nation, seeinga glorious state occasion that went wonderfully well.

I am not ashamned to admit that I had a lump in my throat, and a tear in my eye, as I watched the truly beautigul bride, Kate Middleton, dressed in thar spuerbly simple wedding dress, that showed off her lovely figure so beautifully, standing waiting to make her entrance at the door of the abbey.  This love story, of the prince and the commoner, is one of genuine emotion, and everone in the country could see the love shingin the eyes of this lovely couple as they gazed into each others eyes.

The wonderful aspect of the newly annointed Duke and Duchess of Cambridge is the simple fact of their being so very normal, in the eyes of the British public, having not only known each other for more than ten years, but also having lived together before marriage.  They seem, as ridiculous as it might sound, like the everyday sort of people with whom anyone could be seated at a restaurant table, enjoying coffee and chatting easily, because that is the impression they give, whenever they appear in public.

having met in the completely normal university atmosphere of St Andrews, these two people learned to love each other over the course of a decade, despite the odd blip in the journey, and the mutual affection they so obviously share made everything about the very public face of this wedding day special. It was a genuine pleasure to watch the expressions that moved thier faces duringthe exchanging of vows, and the doube kiss on the balcony of the palace was a real bonus, obviously done to further delight the rapturous crowd of spectactors.

There can be no doubt that William and Kate are the new face of the monarchy here in England, approachable, amenable and emotional people, with whom every ordinary person can identify. There is a genuine impression that, for the first time ever, really, we have royals who will make the whole aura of monarchy and privilege less daunting for the average man and woman, simply because they seem nothing like as distant and remote as people are used to from members of the royal family.

If the fortunes of the monarchy in England had been in decline, from a popularity viewpoint, before this wedding took place, the situation now will be totaly different, because fate has put two people together who not only embody everything that is magical about the fairytale romance, but who are astute enough to want to get the public on their side.

Over the next few years, ass they assume more and more royal resposibility, the future king and his lovely wife will  surely cement their places in British history, as the most accessible and popular royal couple of all time. That William will make an excellent king is not in doubt at all, and with the help and support of Kate, whom the public already adore, he will keep royal tradition in our great nation very much alive. Royalty the public can hinestly relate to? My how the world has changed.

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    It was truly beautiful, and I even signed the guestbook on yahoo.

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    Nice Share!I watched the wedding too.

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