Why Does She Do It?

November 29, 2011 by Jayseph  
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This is a story about a boyfriend, struggling with the complications of his girlfriend cutting herself.

Why does she do it?

Is it because of me? Do i not make her happy? when i ask her why she just tells me, “because i can’t help it.” Is that even a good enough reason for you to do something like that?

What should i do? Do i call a doctor? Do i tell her parents?

But i don’t want to lose her. I read on-line that people who cut are considered mentally UN-safe, and she will get sent to a Mental Hospital. I don’t want that. I want to help her myself, but i have no idea what to do.. I pray for her, but she doesn’t believe in god. I try to talk he rout of it when she wants to do it, but i can’t be there to physically stop her. All i can do i stand by, and wait for the pain to stop, the pain inside of me.

It hurts me when she does it. I tell her this.. But i don’t think she understands how bad it actually feels. She never could.

Should I leave her?

I can’t leave her. It hurts me so much, but i can’t leave her. I definitely can’t leave her in a state like this. She would probably kill herself. She is so unstable, I’m afraid to say the wrong thing in fear of her taking it too far. Will she ever stop? I want to be able to joke around with her, i want to be able to make a joke without her getting offended. Its so hard to not offend her. She takes everything very seriously, but knowing how her life is and the loses she has suffered, i don’t blame her. I just don’t know what to do..

Why does she do it? Why….

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