When Planing Your Wedding, Consider This

February 21, 2010 by friendshipter  
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Before you even think of a wedding..

Discuss with your future soul mate when the time is right.  That if marriage is discussable. Then once it is.  Try avoiding using wedding planners. Consider all that money spent on them you can save. Consider breaking down the process in steps.  The first step is the marriage license. Then consider where,. You may want to taking breaks in between the steps.

This the best time of your new life. That’s when both of your wedding fantasy can come true, together.  How much can you save on this planning.  Consider consignment stores for the tox and gown.  So you can pass it down to your kids.  The fun part can be decorated the gown.  What all can be added.  How about a decked out hat to go with it.  

Also, consider a reputable wedding dress store. As well as consignment stores.  How low can you go on your dream dress.  Being on a budget is important.  If you plan on buying online.. ask the clerk what local stores you may be able to take it too if there are questions after the sale.  Consider asking the clerk about free express shipping. Or adding to your wedding dress package at no extra charge.  Such as the details.  

You may want to do a lot of research on the best value on your dress.  You may want to buy your dress rather than rent one.  They may be costly. The dress maybe able to be passed down if you have a daughter.  You can start a daughter tradition with her future daughter,. As you buy the dress find out any samples that can go with the dress. For spots that may happen.  Pendents or etc that can be complimentary.  

Consider the time of day.  If you have in the morning.. its not that hot if you have a summer wedding. If you have it in between seasons.. winter and summer. Then the flowers are just forming.  Also, consider how long it may take you getting ready when the big day comes.  You don’t want to be rushed.  However you do want to be styling.  If you have it outside.. consider the weather changes frequently. Keeping an eye on the reports often. Not to the wind/breeze.  If you have a church wedding.. if you are members request a complimentary wedding. 

Never forget the exclusive jewelry.  Such as pearls.  Pearl necklace: if you show some cleavage. You may want to consider reasonable close to the neck. However no choker.  And, you may want to show some cleavage just for teasing per-pus’s.  As well as some leg.  If you like a fancy hat or a cowboy hat including a veil that would be nice.  You want fancy however how far can you cut the cost.  You will want to be proactive on where you go. Notice the popularity, cleanliness, volume of customers, where the stores is location.  How their landscape looks as well as there parking lots.       

Consider a decked out budgeted reception.  With all the trimmings.  After the wedding part is done.  Make some time for the both of you to spend before the reception starts.  To enjoy the scenery/.  When at the reception.. see if you can get even more creative with the food/.  Taking lots of pictures of everything.  This should be a bonding album.  How creative can it be… 

Also, consider placing your wedding dress in a moisture proof sealed bag/.  Where pests or anything else can get into it.  You may also want to consider dry-cleaning you pack it away.  

When picking the dress, the groom can not see the brides gown. 

Same with the tox.  

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