What You Need to Learn to Become a Journalistic Wedding Photographer

July 5, 2013 by koksalan  
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What You Need To Learn To Become A Journalistic Wedding Photographer.

All brides want each element of their wedding to come together without a hitch to create the moment of a lifetime. The cake will be eaten, the dresses will fade, and the flowers will wilt over time, but an artistic wedding photography is what will last for generations.

The journalistic wedding photographer is the one who makes everyone looks good, from the bride and the groom right down to the last flower on the wedding cake. The wedding album will be around long after the thrill of that special day is gone. This is why a good professional journalistic wedding photographer plays such an important role.

To be a good journalistic wedding photographer, you need to possess the following pre-requisites:-

Be Unobtrusive
The job of a good professional journalistic wedding photographer is not an easy one. You have to be there to document as much as possible, yet at the same time strive to be unobtrusive. You have to work with the flow of events and at the same time organize shots. A photographer can easily dominate the wedding party and guests with demands that ruin the event. To be a good professional journalistic wedding photographer, you should act in such a way that the couple and guests never knew you were there.

We have all been to weddings at which the photographer usurped the wedding coordinator, bending the entire proceedings to his or her will with more focus on the shot list than the natural flow of the wedding. This experience is one of the chief reasons that many couples are turning to journalistic wedding photographers, which allows the proceedings to unfold naturally with no interference.

However, the true professional wedding photographer will be reasonably unobtrusive no matter whether you choose to be a traditional or journalistic wedding photographer. It is true that if the couple wants posed photographs, time will need to be dedicated to taking those photos. This is true even if the bulk of your shots consist of photojournalistic or artistic wedding photography. During the ceremony and reception, though, even the traditional photographer should be careful to minimize his or her intrusion.

Work in Tandem with the Videographer
The professional journalistic wedding photographer should work in tandem with the videographer if one is present. There is no place for egos or lack of professionalism at a wedding, so be certain that you are aware in advance that there is a videographer present, and be ready to work with him or her as a team.

Be Punctual and Dress Appropriately
As a professional journalistic wedding photographer, you should arrive on time and dressed appropriately to the ceremony. This is a very important aspect that many wedding photographers neglect. What style will the ceremony be? Is there a special theme? Is it a period wedding? How formal are the proceedings? These are scenarios you should be aware of, to be able to dress to blend in with the couple’s choices. The last thing you want to do, is to appear in a formal and elegant wedding ceremony in your t-shirt and shorts!

Be Respectful to Others
There is no doubt that a wedding is a major life event, which requires many people to make it the best for long-lasting memories that the couple can cherish. The journalistic wedding photographer can truly make or break the big day through his or her professionalism or lack thereof. You should at all times, be courteous and respectful of the other professionals who are also working to make the wedding day special. All wedding professionals are a team and no one part of the team is more important than another. As a professional journalistic wedding photographer, you should display true team spirit, rather than be someone who looks down your nose at everyone else.

Possessing the prerequisites explained above would allow you to earn respect for yourself as a journalistic wedding photographer and bring your wedding photography business to the next level.

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