What to Do with Your Wedding Dress After The Wedding

August 19, 2010 by pschenck  
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Bride’s often spend a lot of money on their Wedding Dresses, even though they never intend to wear them again. So what do you do with a dress you’re never going to wear again? Here are a handful of ideas of how to get a second use out of that expensive dress.

What to do with your Wedding Dress After the Wedding

The wedding dress is the centerpiece of almost every bride’s wedding.  It is usually one of the first things the bride thinks about when her wedding planning starts and tends to be one of the most asked about wedding items by female friends and family members.

Whether the wedding is large or small, destination or home based, the dress has to be ‘perfect’. 

But what becomes of that ‘perfect’ dress once the wedding is over?  It is never intended to be worn again by the bride, so she must consider what to do with it.  There are several choices open to today’s women when it comes to making that decision and personality and situation will have a large part to play in which of the following options she may choose. 

Preservation and Storage – Some brides, especially sentimental ones, may choose to preserve their gown and store it.  Usually this is done at a drycleaner that offers this service.  They have the equipment and experience to safely clean and box your dress, so your investment, both monetary and sentimental, is protected in the best possible manner.  Many brides do this in the hopes that they will one day have a daughter who would like to wear their Mother’s wedding dress when they get married. 

Trash It – As funny as it sounds, some brides are choosing to ‘trash’ their dress after their wedding day.  This doesn’t mean that they literally throw their dress away however.  “Trashing” the dress is a new trend in which the bride and groom re-dress in their wedding clothes a short time after their wedding day and take pictures doing something fun and creative.  Usually these types of adventures end up ruining the dress, (hence the name), however the pay off is absolutely stunning photos to adorn your wall with. 

Sell It – A lot of money is often spent on a dress that will never be worn by the bride again, so some not-so-sentimental brides may choose to sell their wedding dress in the hopes of gaining some of the money back that they put into it.  This has become especially easy to do these days with the number of on-line selling venues available on the internet. 

Donate It – If a bride holds no attachment to her dress and money is not an issue, she may decide to donate it to a thrift store.  She will be getting rid of something she no longer cares to keep and be helping out a future bride who may not have the money to buy the dress of her dreams brand new. This is definitely a win-win situation. 

Hand It Down – While some brides may not be sentimental enough to want to keep their dress forever, they may also not be ready to detach themselves from it entirely just yet.  By handing it down to a relative or friend, they can remove it from their closet without feeling like it is ‘gone forever’, and enjoy seeing it put to use again. 

Make a Christening Dress out of it – If the dress contains enough material, some brides may choose to store it until their first born arrives and make a Christening dress from it.  Any future children could also use the Christening dress making it a very sentimental garment and a family heirloom. 

With these ideas you don’t have to feel guilty about buying a dress you’re only going to wear one day of your life.  So go ahead and buy the dress of your dreams. You’ll make use of it again in some way after the wedding.

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