What is The Going Rate for a Cash Wedding Gift?

March 15, 2011 by cyberflute  
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A cash gift is practical and welcomed, but how do you determine how much to give?

It can be hard to select a wedding gift, particularly if you don’t know the couple well.  Even if you do, you might not know exactly what they need.  The couple might be registered for gifts already, but the gifts might not fit into your budget.  If you become exasperated with the gift selection process, you might want to fall back on the easiest choice of all, cash.

Cash is a great choice!  It’s the perfect color, green, the perfect size for everything, and it always comes in handy.  The only choice you need to make is the amount.  Here are some considerations for the amount of the cash gift. 

Whether a couple is young and just starting out, or are they well established in their careers, the social status of the couple plays a big part in this decision.  If your boss is the bride’s father and you’re a partner in a law firm, think several hundred dollars rather than $25.  On the other hand, if you are the groom’s piano teacher from grade school, $25 is probably an appropriate amount. 

While it might seem a bit mercenary to base the size of a gift on the style of a wedding, it is often a factor.  A simple wedding in a home might not command as large a gift as a huge wedding with a lavish reception and sit-down dinner. 

Of course, a major consideration in your decision is how much you can afford to give.  If you’re in a financial crunch, $25 might be all you can afford.  If you’ve had a great year and you’re especially close to the couple, your gift might be in the $300 to $500 range. 

Do you know others who will be attending the wedding?  Ask for their opinions on the size of a cash gift.  Also consider what you might have purchased and use that amount to guide your choice. 

Give your gift in the spirit of love and good wishes.  The couple will enjoy it and put it to good use.

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