Wedding Traditions in Four Countries

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In Italy, the best wedding time is on Sundays.

The ritual of marriage has always had appeal. Not just because he saw the two people who enter into a covenant of love, but there is always a special ritual with philosophical and cultural background of the rich.

Such an exciting experience, seeing a new phase of life partner. In Indonesia, you can see a variety of custom wedding procession that usually follow the customs of the tribe. What about other countries? Let’s find a wedding ritual in four countries.

Italy Wedding Traditions

There was a special wedding for an Italian couple who want to marry, such as the best time to deny reinforcements. For example, ideally a wedding held on Sunday morning. It is said that in Italy there is folklore that says that couples who are getting married, prohibited marriage ceremony on Friday and Tuesday.

However, there is also a special time to marry the widow, which was Saturday. All this, as reported by The Knot, to avoid bad luck will happen to the family at a later date. Not only that white dress on Italian tradition symbolizes the symbol of purity and protect the couple from evil spirits.

China Wedding Traditions

When will hold a wedding ceremony, usually couples getting married will come to forecasters, then they will get the best dates. Calculations are usually based on their date of birth.

On the wedding day, the groom and his entourage will leave some money as an offering. The goal for the groom and his family were allowed into the house of the bride. Then, perform the ritual drinking of tea along with the bride’s parents.

Married children, for the people of China, is one way to show off their wealth. At the reception, the bride and groom dresses often change several times throughout the event. In addition, foods such as fish soup Shark became one dish mandatory and fairly luxurious.

Morocco Wedding Traditions

Dancing guests at a wedding party in Mauritania (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Usually the Moroccan wedding on Sunday the fall, at the end of the harvest. Why? This is because at the time of harvest, the food is still very inadequate. In other words, the bride can celebrate with a tasting of the material that has been produced in its own gardens.

Marriage also will take up to seven days. However, women and men will do in a separate party. Thus, the first three days will be spent for the preparation, partying, and beautify the bridie.

In a moment of preparation, the bride will wear Henna ritual. Henna artist will paint the bride’s hands, in order to keep a wide range of disease and as a symbol of success in marriage.

On the fourth day, the bridie and groom getting married. On the fifth and sixth, the feast began. Finally, the seventh day the bridie and groom entered the peak of the wedding party or called Beria.

Both bride paraded and stretchered into the wedding reception in a march called Zaffa. In Morocco, all brides will be King and Queen. Surely they will be the center of attention.

Mexico Wedding Traditions

Marriage performed at night. Clothing worn by the bride also varied, ranging from simple white cotton dress traditional to Mexico, the colorful embroidery detail.

Color of the bride dress usually use ribbon three colors, namely yellow, blue, and red. The colors represent the food, money, and passion. Serving or traditional wedding cakes made ??of nuts and dried fruits soaked in rum

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