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August 20, 2012 by farah38  
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Wedding glasses – an important detail of the wedding ceremony. And though in our time, sometimes practical use regular glasses, to overestimate the beauty of handmade products is difficult. Copyright models and achievements of the best painters – decorators – embodied in a beautiful product.

At the wedding accessories market presents a variety of glasses. You can order products with names engraved Suite, or rings, hearts, doves, etc. Or, opt for products handmade . Of course, these glasses will cost a bit more expensive, but the memories will last forever. In addition, in the same style of wedding champagne glasses can be made, invitations, a box for rings, and leather – the wedding album. One quick glance at the wine glasses with your wedding – and you can once again plunge into the excellent and exciting atmosphere of the festive ceremony!

By tradition, wedding glasses usually by the witnesses – in gift young. But ingda newlyweds choose their own glasses, or entrust it to a special person. Also, the large weddings, all these moments are usually the workers take on those who organize the ceremony. And then there are a few details. First, we must immediately determine the budget. If funds allow – you can buy crystal glasses. A more modest but no less impressive option – a glass of ordinary glass by hand. When you buy, specify exactly how the product will be shipped and what precautions are observed. After all, the glasses – a fragile thing, especially decorated. Poor packaging can lead to deformation of the product design or even a battle of the glass. Also need to figure out exactly how the decorative elements attached to the glass – to glue or tape. The first option is preferable. If everything is glued qualitatively, the glass will retain the original appearance for many years. Choose the best! Good shopping. From daily news

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