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March 14, 2010 by vaughanh  
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Beautiful nail art designs for your wedding day.

On your wedding day all eyes will be on you as the bride and not least on your hands as everyone will want to take a look at your new wedding ring. Here are some beautiful nail art designs to perfectly complement your new sparkler!

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Starting off with this simple but very elegant set of nails, this is a simple diagonal glittery gold design across a white tip, with a nail jewel on the wedding finger to set off the wedding ring.

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This is a more intricate design, very much a wedding theme with bows painted on a white tip.

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A very beautiful design, flowers and nail jewels combined to give a 3D effect.

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This is a very beautiful intricate design using pearls and lace with a flower design, great wow factor.

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Finally we have this very glamorous sparkly Bollywood style design, using lots of nail jewels. Great for the glitz of an Indian wedding or for the bride who wants something more unusual on her big day.

Hope these have given you some inspiration for your wedding nails, either as a bride or even just as a guest. There are many more beautiful designs on the internet, take a look, and most importantly, have a fantastic wedding day!

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5 Responses to “Wedding Day Nails”
  1. Butterfly Dreaming Says:

    Nail art has become very popular! Keep up the good work!

  2. 8Shei8 Says:

    Those are lovely as well!

  3. zoeyclark Says:

    Wow. Had never seen nails like this before. Looks really interesting.

  4. XXElleXX Says:

    I have a Fijian Indian girlfriend who has the most beautifully manicured nails I’ve ever seen .. my nails are long but because of my work, I can’t really experiment with nail polish or nail jewels on myself .. will save this to my favourites though :-)

  5. ChristineRose Says:

    I really like the first picture :) It’s simple, but very nice!

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