Wedding Day Jitters

July 12, 2013 by jfay1995  
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Wedding Day Jitters. Are you the new bride and you feel a bit nervous about walking down the aisle without falling or even more, do you feel apprehensive about who you are about to marry?

Wedding day jitters are very normal and it’s easy to let it overwhelm us.  I remember my day and I believe I was nervous.  I was feeling a little uncomfortable about walking down the aisle, I do know that.  I think it’s usually the shoes that do that to us women.  Who doesn’t remember wearing those mile high pumps?  Well, in fact two to three inches high, but they might as well be over a mile high by the cause of our jitters.

You know when the heel goes the wrong way and you can see yourself about ready to fall to the side into Aunt Louisa or Uncle Teddy.  And before you know it, you are predicting some real embarassment that you do not want to happen to you.

One thing, is to make sure you brush your teeth!  Of course you are, but maybe due to the waiting, your throat feels dry and you start to get those second thoughts.

I know he’s for me, I’ve loved him for a long time, but now as I wait in the other room and everyone is in the church waiting for me to stroll in with Dear old Dad and I’m getting my dry throat going.  Then I begin to think about the man I am about to marry, I’ve known him for a while, loved him a long time, but suddenly I begin to think am I going to actually go through it and marry the man?

We, many of us maybe feel like The Runaway Bride although we aren’t wearing sneakers.  We think about what is going to be about Forever and can we go through it?  Some of us get cold feet.  Some do not end up showing up at the wedding.  Sometimes it may the groom that makes a disappearance.

I guess what most of us hope for is that everlasting love.  When we take our vows, we hope it will be forever.  In many marriages, it is forever.  I think that is great when a couple can last forever and take their vows seriously.

Nowadays, marriage seems to fall by the wayside and it doesn’t seem like people want to believe in it anymore.  There’s too many separations and divorces.  People give up too quickly.  And sometimes there is too much water under the bridge to ever go back.  It’s also nice to see people reuniting and trying to make a reconcilliation.  Not that everyone can do it, but it’s nice when a couple is willing to try again for the sake of themselves or the kids.

But, the jitters are normal on the day of your wedding and I think that you just have to try your best to shrug them off and you are going to do fine walking down the aisle to your best friend, your lover and your future husband.

The church ceremony is usually the hardest part to go through and then you can really relax once you get on to the reception.  The hardest part is over, walking down the aisle without falling, going through your vows without a glitch and the support of your family and his family to get you through it.

Have a wonderful day!

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted July 12, 2013

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