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June 29, 2013 by Yui Yuna  
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An important part of any sit-down party is the seat your guests will be spending most of the event in. One way to spruce up their chair is with chair sashes. Here are some ideas for wedding chair decor that can also be used for any special dinner party you might host.Want an inexpensive yet elegant touch to your table decor?

Chair sashes add a lovely accent to a dinner table and don’t cost too much to rent. You can tie the sash horizontally with a bow or knot, or as I did, tie the sash vertically to change up the look of the seat.Another wedding chair decor idea is to make Just Married signs and place them on the back of the bride and groom seats. For our wedding, we took two photos, superimposed Just Married on them and then enlarged and mounted the photos on foam core and placed the signs over the chair sashes.You can also just write Just and Married on two individual signs and place them on the back of the seats.

Another wedding chair decor idea is to have your florist create flowered pom poms and hang those from the back of the chair. In fact, to save some money with your wedding flowers, you can first use the chair adornment on the aisle seats during the ceremony and then recycle them at the reception.Chair sashes come in a variety of colors and fabric textures.

You can also mix and match the chair covers with the chair ties as well. For a corporate dinner event, we used ivory linens and chair covers and then burgundy napkins and chair ties.Another use for chair ties is weave them through the top back of the chair and then criss-cross them on along the back and down the chair to where the seat cushion is. This look takes a bit of time so be sure to build that into your timeline. In fact, unless you have practiced or have tied chairs at previous events, you should estimate at least a minute a chair for a basic knot or bow.Finally, one last wedding chair decor idea is to order extra large square shaped chair covers and then knot them in the back.

We did this for a birthday party and it added a new dimension to the room.I hope you found these wedding chair decor ideas useful and can incorporate one of them at your wedding or next special event. Chair ties are an easy, quick and inexpensive decor idea that will add beauty to any room or dinner party. Until next time, remember the Budget Bash mantra: make it simple, stylish, fun and economical to all

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