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Deflation, the story too sober: Part three of the bachelor buddy series tries to be a fleet action comedy, but fails in a big way. John Goodman as a mafia boss refurbishes the return to Las Vegas a bit on, but his role is too small to impose his stamp on the film. A final, as exciting as a glass of mineral water.

Where are the drugs? Where is the alcohol? Where is the movie crack? Instead of the tried and tested narrative patterns to copy part of one and two again, writer-director Todd Phillips ventured a fresh start. This is laudable in itself, but he is bored with it duly. But first things first: Hangover 3 starts with a good, macabre Giraffe Gag on the highway. Anyone who has seen the trailer, but can save the first ten minutes and go quickly bring popcorn.

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Then it’s more leisurely pace: After the death of his father, child head Alan (should Zach Galifianakis ) in a home for maladjusted, well, be transferred adults. His “wolf pack” buddies Phil ( Bradley Cooper ), Stu ( Ed Helms ) and Doug ( Justin Bartha ) make together with him on the way to Arizona and get on the highway into the hands of gangsters. It involves a lot of gold, the familiar and extroverted big crooks Chow ( Ken Jeong ) and, once again, to Vegas. The gangsters keep Doug as a deposit and the proven trio is asked again to all sorts of inventiveness.

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Sure, there are a number of good gags with cross-references to the first two parts. Again, a few jokes Pipikacka-homoerotic undertones and other awards under the belt. But drama and history to stay sober in a literal sense. Part three is at best an ambitious hostage drama-action-comedy that has its singular charm men lost around 40 with film tear. The return to Las Vegas is like the second time to come to Disneyland: Actually quite nice here, but seen it all before. Director Todd Phillips makes do some moderate parachute stunts and car chases to give the movie a rapid display values, but the tears no one of the cinema seats. The awakening from anesthesia tigers in the back seat? Mike Tyson on the mic? Sex with Thai trannies? Highlights from the past to such parts waiting in vain.

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After all, Alan must fall in love! But as we all know, love is indeed the most beautiful thing in the world, but it destroys any seemingly unshakable alliance men on sensitive manner. Although Todd Phillips his Hangover has set final in the (Desert) Sand Las Vegas the end after the credits it has to be again. So be patient and persevere to the end

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This time there is no wedding. No prom. What can go wrong? But when the wolves come out to the road, the die is cast. Third installment of the franchise began in 2009 with ‘Hangover’.

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CAST: Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis, Justin Bartha, John Goodman, Ken Jeong, Heather Graham, Jeffrey Tambor, Gillian Vigman, Sasha Barrese, Jamie Chung.

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