Unique Ideas to Propose Your Girlfriend Marry

April 20, 2013 by kas fre  
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Applying or proposed to be one of the unforgettable moments for you and him. Intend applying for the him, but did not know how? Here are ten unique ideas that do not need to spend much money to apply for a lover.

The ideas below should certainly be done with some consideration. For example, if he’s happy or even shy type so common concern, whether he’s happy something creative or conventional. After knowing the habits and nature of the him, choose among ten unique ideas below:

1. If he’s happy with the general interest, you can create with ease. You can choose a public place or public event witnessed anywhere to speak powerful words ‘will you marry me?’. For example, when you were having a walk to the shopping center, you can work with the performers. Express your intent on the performers complete with your plan. Try couples do not know. You both seems to be the lucky visitors get a prize and asked to the stage. When the performers give an opportunity to speak, submit your application as he knelt and gave the ring to her. He would run out of words to answer.

2. Such as pre-wedding photo shoot, a unique location can also add value to the meaning of the moment of application. Locations such as historic buildings, tallest buildings, landmarks or the most beautiful beaches in the vacation spot can be a place to apply unforgettable for him. Kneel on the go in this place and he’s lamarlah be your faithful companion of life.

3. If you’re both happy adventuring in the wild, the process can be carried out on the mountain or anywhere where you are camping, when you are right in front of sunrise or under the flickering lights of the stars. Reveal your essay or poem reveals just how much he means to you. At the end of the expression of the heart, kneel while providing a ring that had been prepared. Hopefully the weather support your pure intentions.

4. Forget a romantic dinner. How to invite him for lunch at work time? In the middle of your lunch, back to the car to retrieve her favorite flower bouquet, keep the ring in your pocket then lamarlah him. Certainly unexpected!

5. Make the event to apply himself to the classical style: when applying for a picnic in the garden. Make an impression this picnic, except where you save a cart covered his favorite flower bouquet and a box of chocolates with saved ring for her. After holding a place to sit down, ask him to sit on it and start you express your heart’s content. Give him a box of chocolates and a bouquet of flowers prepared and ask the question ‘will you marry me?’ The picnic picnic surely be the most beautiful in his life.

6. The beach is a perfect place to propose to him. Previous in your home already set up a ring that is glued inside the shells have opened and glued back. Bring along when you invite your partner to go beach combing. Pretend that funny looking shells to be collected. Once you ‘find’ your shells under the sand, ask him to open it. After he saw the ring in it, ask if he is willing to accept you as her husband.

7. After dinner, take him towards your car. Opened the door for him, let him sit in the passenger seat. When he thought you would close the door, kneel beside it and ask her to be your companion in your next life. He certainly would not expect to be spoken for you in the parking lot.

8. Buy her a pet can be a beloved pet, dog or cat. Tie a ring to propose to her on leashes or cat earlier. Driven to his house. Let him see you bring a gift for him. Ask, ‘Are you willing to accept both of us to be
man? ‘

9. Make a video recording of ‘recognition’ of your relationship, the importance of him and your final question in the DVD / VCD. Wrap it in wrapping paper like a gift. When you give it to her, tuck your message to would call when he wants it. As long as he’s watching it, do not break up the phone. Ask answer on the spot.

10. Charades game can also be applied for a unique event. Ask him to play with your friends in one gathering. When you turn, the movement of his knees as he pulled out an engagement ring and then addressed him. You issued a definite movement is predictable. ‘Will you marry me?

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