Twelve Flexible Vows of Householders

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Jain ethics specifies the following twelve vows to be carried out by the

Of this twelve vows, the first five are main vows of limited nature, the next three vows are known as merit vows and the last four are called disciplinary vows. A person may adopt these vows, according to his individual capacity and circumstances with the intent to adopt ultimately as full or great vows. The layperson should be very careful while observing and following these limited vows. This vows being limited or restricted vows may still leave great scope for the commitment of sins and possession of property.

Five Main Vows of Limited Nature:

1. Non-violence Limited Vow

2. Truthfulness Limited Vow

3. Non-stealing Limited Vow

4. Chastity Limited Vow

5. Non-attachment Limited Vow

Three Merit Vows:

6. Limited area of activity vow

7. Limited use of consumable and non-consumable items

8. Avoidance of purposeless sins vow


Four Disciplinary Vows:

9. Meditation vow of limited duration

10. Activity vow of limiting space

11. Ascetic’s life Vow of limited duration

12. Limited charity vow

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