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July 15, 2013 by colaverid  
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Pakistani wedding has adopted Hindu ceremonial culture but still it is celebrated very happily. Most of the wedding ceremonies tend to be dependent on the region because every region has its own set of celebration cultures, norms and trends.

Pakistani wedding is always done in a very special and unique way especially depending on the norms and culture of that particular region. As we know that Pakistan has four provinces and each province has its own style, culture, norms, language and living standards. So the wedding style and traditions varies from province to province. In cities, you can’t even judge that whether it is a Pakistani wedding or a foreign one.

These days Pakistani wedding is taking a new turn towards modernization. Marriage halls and marquees are organized for the wedding purposes. Pakistani Wedding usually consists of three days. Every day has a unique function folded in itself. It is basically a cultural dilemma about these prolonging wedding events lingered on for three days. This is one of the most common things being discussed here but in some areas feasts are given and parties are made for an elongated period of time even after the wedding. Every society has its own particular approach and it moves according to it. In some areas of Pakistan, wedding is organized and executed very decently. Some societies perform weddings according to the rules of Islam trying least to disregard it.

Place and the decoration now has become the most utmost attention of all people. They say the wedding was not fun if the decoration or venue was normal, if food wasn’t sufficient, if there were no dancing performances and so on and so forth. This has utterly taken the entire wedding trend to a new side. Wedding seasons and trends are always important because it’s not only an event of mere happiness but it connects and gathers lot of people together. This is the event where relatives come from different parts of the country and overseas gathered to celebrate it. Pakistani weddings are always special because of its celebration and the way it is organized. Pakistani matrimony has adopted some Hindu ceremonial cultures as well.

Before a Pakistani wedding commences, it starts off with non-wedding thing called engagement. In Pakistan it is called mangni and some of the house members from both groom and bride’s family are invited in the formal engagement of both and on that event the date of wedding is decided. Then the wedding follows with different rituals such as rasm-e-mehndi. In this event Mehndi is applied on bride’s hands and feet and functions of dancing and singing takes place. On 2nd day, a Barat function is organized in which groom comes to the bride’s place to receive her and take her to his home. 3rd day is Walima, and it is to declare the wedding to group and buddies. It’s a huge wedding reception organized by the groom’s parents. Relatives, buddies and group people are welcomed to the wedding reception.

Some of the functions are adopted from Hindu culture which is prohibited in Islam and most of the high class weddings don’t abide by the rules of wedding mentioned in Islam. The trend of highly-decorated weddings are increasing and some of these weddings are organized just because of rivalry and competition of status quo among the relatives.

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