Top Five Wedding Essentials

May 12, 2009 by t simon  
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Wedding planning doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Focus on these five must-haves and you’ll be ready to tie the knot.

Invitations. Flowers. Dresses. It seems that you’ll have to walk through a nightmare before you get your dream wedding. The truth is that people get married everyday, in many different ways.

Whether it’s a big white banquet or an intimate gathering with friends, all successful weddings have these in common:

1.     An officiant — Be it your pastor, a judge or even a ship captain, you need someone with a legal capability to wed you. You can’t skip this if you want your union to be recognized by the state.

2.     Witnesses — In church weddings, the formal witnesses are almost always the godparents or sponsors for the couple. Traditionally, it is believed that these godparents will help counsel and advise the newly weds as they build their own family. If you are keen on this tradition, opt to get an older couple, such as an aunt and uncle, who know you and are willing to live out their role. At the very least, you’ll need at least two witnesses to testify that you and your fiancé indeed tied the knot.

3.     Marriage license — It’s not just a piece of paper. You need this license when you update your tax files, insurance policies and other identification. Be sure you fill it out properly and affix all proper signatures.

4.     “I Do” — These two little words pack in the most meaning in your wedding. It prompts your officiant to seal in your union and pronounce you husband and wife. This means that if you really, really, mean to get married, you need to say it loud and clear.

5.     Rings – Okay, so maybe this is up for debate. But then, you can’t wave your license in public to show that you are married. Wedding rings are a universal sign of union. While it helps keep that cretin from flirting with you, it reminds you that you belong to someone and you are bound in love.

It doesn’t really take a lot of fuss to plan a wedding. All you need to do is focus on the basics and prepare yourself for a great marriage ahead.

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  1. rizzei Says:

    nice tips t simon. a wedding would be great with stuffs like these

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