Time Saving Tips for Brides on Their Wedding Day

March 14, 2013 by ionebeck  
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Time saving tips for brides on their wedding day.

You’ve been working your wedding plan for months now, maybe years. When you’re down to the wire you’ll want to reserve your energy for dancing, not last minute tasks. Don’t enter the final hours before your special moment with a long list of things to do. Get comfortable with the idea of saving time by leaving those big last minute tasks to someone else. That’s also the key to wedding day sanity and saving time when it comes to the personal tasks you can’t escape. Here are a few time saving tips to consider.

Put trusted friends in charge of running the “show”

You may not choose to hire a wedding planner, but during the early planning stages you can recruit a dependable crew to keep the day running smoothly. Ask friends and relatives who honestly want to help you have a special day. Don’t ask anyone who seems reluctant to help. That could lead to disaster. Here is one way to divide the tasks:

-Friend #1- Coordinate cake, flowers, food and music set up.

-Friend #2- Make sure bridal party is in place. Signal the start of the ceremony and keep the procession moving on cue.

-Friend #3- Coordinate reception details: cake cutting, special dances, bouquet and garter toss.

Create a “Things only I can do” checklist

You can save time on your big day if you keep things organized. Create a list entitled “Things only I can do.” Giving your list that name should help you put things into proper perspective. There are a few things only you can do: waking up, getting to the church, getting dressed, looking pretty and walking down the aisle. Doing only those things will save you time by cutting down your responsibilities considerably. Get someone else to do everything else.

Have a helper/girlfriend stay with you

Recruit a friend to help you with the things on your “Things only I can do” list. That friend can be your maid of honor, but she doesn’t have to be. Whoever she is, she should be able to stay by your side for the full 24 hours before your wedding. She can help with your last minute tasks and even keep you preoccupied and relaxed enough to sleep.

Get everything ready the day before

When you were a child, your mom may have tried to convince you to lay out your school outfit the day before. She knew it would save time. You probably ignored her back then, but your wedding day is the perfect time to reconsider that advice. Your friend can help you try on your wedding dress and accessories the day before. That way you can deal with any problems that may arise or make adjustments to what you want to be your finished look.

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