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May 7, 2013 by tash01  
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Do you have the thick straps? Or the padded straps because the thin ones stretch? So which one is really best, thick or thin straps? The real answer is neither.

because you have the battle wounds on your shoulders to prove it. Suppose I told you that you were just wearing the wrong bra?

What happens is that when you wear the wrong size, the straps of the bra are forced to take on 90 per cent of the work, when they are designed to only do 10 per cent. This is why we have strapless bras to begin with. If we needed the straps to do 90 per cent, then strapless bras would cease to exist!

The weight of the breasts push against the body of the bra, which then pulls on the straps and before you know it, battle wounds! Alternatively, when your bra band is too loose and the back rides up, the straps fall down. Many of the new bra designs are made with moderate-size straps because the cup and band sizes are built to take on that 90 per cent. Now while a K cup will never have a spaghetti strap, it will never be the linebacker strap/harness of the past. However, there are secrets to the strap.

Bras are designed with the band providing sufficient strength to lift the front bustline. As the elastic stretches, it retracts and holds the body firm for 14-16hrs a day. To achieve this, it is imperative that your bra band is level with the lowest point on your underwire across the body or, if possible, an inch lower. Remember, band down boobs up.

firmly anchored

To get the best out of your bra, it must be firmly anchored around your body in order to lift your front bustline. Your straps really play the position of stabiliser, so while you go about your daily functions – walking, reaching for a coffee cup, chasing after your toddler, the bra stays put!

Now, I know you have seen the advertisements on television that promise that this time these wider straps will provide all the comfort in the world. The truth is, that is marketing at its finest!

Change your bra, change your life! No more shoulder pads, bra pads, tacking the straps, wearing socks between your breasts as separators – let the weight of the world fall from your shoulders!

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