The Wedding Planner Blues

February 7, 2012 by Luv2Smile  
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A poem about a bride and her groom planning a wedding on their own, trying to deal with difficult families.

I’m planning our wedding, which will be in June;

Dealing with our families, it’s like we’re doomed.

You’d think they’d be happy for our wonderful bliss;

But in all reality, sometimes we feel dissed.

It should be a day that’s all about us,

But lately, it’s turned into their fuss.

Will we have a reception with drinks and food?

We’re paying for the wedding, please don’t be rude.

Are people coming to see us wed?

Or is it for the free booze and bread?

I don’t mind providing the cake;

Nor do I mind the beverages for Goodness sake.

Weddings have become so commercialized,

From expensive diamonds to upper echon brides.

Not that I mind that type of wedding,

But for $10 grand, what are you really getting?

We’d rather have a decent honeymoon,

Instead of spending on the meal at noon.

So I say to myself, please don’t stress,

Let’s make this beautiful, not a mess.

For this is about us, not the others,

But remember, we do love our mothers and fathers.

So enough of this wedding jitters that I’m feeling,

As our wedding nears, we’ll have spiritual healing.

To the man that I love and is so special to me;

Things will improve and you will see.

A new me….a bride-to-be;

I’ll make this wedding special as can be.

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