The Importance of Wedding Vows

February 22, 2012 by annathomson  
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Traditionally, a vow is a promise to God. It is a commitment requires the fulfillment of some positive duty. For men it is the word of a man, given in celebration to another to induce trust. There are indications that the vows can be depended on donors.

 If a man break his word, he was found to be untrustworthy and damaged his reputation. This leads to a breakdown of mutual trust that is essential for the existence of an agreement or trust between the parties. Hence the phrase, a man without his word is nothing.

In connection with a wedding, a vow is an exchange of vows between the bride and groom during the wedding ceremony. In Western society has traditionally love letters that promise promotion included a permanent intent to comfort, to hold, nurture and love. There is also emphasis on loyalty to remain faithful to a promise of the rule and any other leave. In addition, it will be on the unconditional nature of the vow. It is a selfless and unconditional obligation to keep the promises made does not matter what – whether rich or poor and in sickness and in health. Finally, there are elements of permanence, which convey the size and scope of the promises made. Typically, couples swear to uphold their promise ’til death do us part “or” for the rest of my life’.

Whether you are helping your own vows or traditional vows to convey trust by a celebrant, elements of affection, loyalty, unconditional dedication and perseverance, made the most cordial and sincere promise is available.

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