The Backyard Budget Wedding

July 2, 2011 by Sherrie Taylor  
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Find out how to have a wedding ceremony and save money by using a backyard and simple decorations.

If getting married is presenting a financial problem, you may want to consider the backyard budget wedding. It is a wonderful way to celebrate and begin life in hard economic times. It can only get better from here and you will not start married life with debt. The most important part of the ceremony is committing to the love you share and learning to live together on what you have.

Make plans in advance for the special day. Ask friends and family for help. Let them know what you need and when you will need it. Eventually it will all begin to fall together and you can save the best for the future. First is to find a wedding venue to host the event. This means passing the word and finding out if a family member or friend will volunteer their backyard for your wedding.

You may have to limit the number of people you invite to the wedding depending on the size of the backyard. But everyone who loves you will understand. Check the backyard you plan to use and decide how it will look on the day you marry. If there is grass, you want it to be green, soft and short. Mow it the day before so it has time to settle. Make sure all garden areas are weeded and look nice. If there are no plants in place, then at least make sure there are no weeds either.

Choose where the ceremony will be performed and set up a tent cover or simple archway. You can decorate with inexpensive white cloth flowers from the dollar store and simple white twinkle lights. Look for other decorations at dollar stores and craft stores in your area. Ask others for wedding décor donations to help you decorate. Feel free to mix colors for an extra touch to the décor.

You can rent or borrow chairs from a church, from family or from a rental company. Your other option is to use chairs you have around or ask guest to bring folding chairs for seating. As each chair is set in place, add a paper bell to any part of it. You can use tape to hold the paper bell in place. You do not have to add anything to the chair in order for it to be proper. Just leave a space between the chairs for the bride to walk to the front and join her groom.

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