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July 19, 2013 by adilkaya  
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Summers here and the weather is fine –well, sort of. It’s time to dig those short shorts out of the wardrobe and fold up that chunky knitwear.

As soon as winter clears off, the rules of the game all change and fashion is allowed to run free once more. Don’t waste the opportunity, embrace it. Expose those paper white legs to the air and gear up for yet another glorious summer of style.

However, if these last few decades of winter have left you reeling – don’t fear. Here are some of the most important fashion tips and tricks of summer 2013. Follow these closely and you’ll turn heads all the way down the street.


First things first –take care of that winter body hair. You don’t need it for warmth anymore. The extent of your grooming is really up to you when it comes to chests, legs, arms and the face. Some bits though, aren’t all that negotiable, not if you want to bag a date with the pretty brunette next door but one. If you happen to have a very hairy back for example, you should probably sort it out before you hit the beach in nothing butapair of trunks.

Go Bold

Haven’t you heard? Bright colours are the bomb this summer. Stop staring at a wardrobe full of dour blacks and greys – invest in some bold tones. Fashion Beans expert Alex Woodhall points out that they won’t just look great, they’ll keep you cool too. Don’t be afraid of eye watering colours like yellow and orange. They will look stylish if teamed with a slightly more subtle piece like beige chinos or a grey cardigan. The trick is to balance bright colours – don’t wear bold tones on your top and your bottom.

Pattern It 

The other big trend of 2013 is the printed or patterned look. Everybody who’s everybody is currently wearing printed clothing and accessories, whether it’s camo-gear, acid wash effect, Aztec style or just simple geometrical shapes. Floral prints are very popular at the moment, so if you’ve got the confidence to pull off a flowery shirt – go for it. Ladies love a man who’s confident about his masculinity.

Keep It Lightweight

For obvious reasons, it’s best to keep summer clothing as lightweight as possible. Stick to natural materials like cotton and muslin if possible. The last thing you want is the girl you’re trying to bag a date with pointing out your sweat patches, so keep it light and keep it breathable.

Sensible Footwear

No, that doesn’t mean flip flops. Flip flops will never truly be stylish. In fact, they’re just tolerated by the fashion industry and it’s a tolerance that’s bound to run thin if you can’t bring yourself to find a better pair of shoes. Brogues are great for summer, so are espadrilles. Flip flops – well, flip flops are functional. They’re not really there to look pretty, they’re there to air your tootsies out. Men’s fashion website advises flip flop fans to leave ‘em for the garden.

All Hail The White T-Shirt

If the sun is shining bright outside and you’d rather not spend another half an hour deciding what to wear – stick a white T-shirt on. It’s a classic look and it always will be. A white T-shirt can be teamed with jeans, chinos, cardigans, shirts, trainers, brogue or anything else you can think of. The experts at Esquire do advise fans of the white T-shirt to take care whilst eating – ketchup stains are a big no-no.

When it comes to summer style, it can be tempting to forget just how important it is to be comfortable. Before you get all excited and rush down to the shops to buy a cartload of high fashion head pieces and a box full of designer shoes, just think about the practicality necessary for hot weather. It’s all good and well being the only person in a city to own a pair of latex board shorts, but what happens when you’re sweating your backside off and you’re more miserable than a Goth on an overseas holiday?

Author Bio: Daniel Strachan has been a personal shopper for three years. He visits Blue Inc for affordable men’s chinos and other casual-wear. Daniel can be found sharing advice for men wanting to improve their style.

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