Spring is My Favorite Season

June 29, 2011 by wangbiao1  
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Spring is My Favorite Season.

In the year season, my favorite is the spring. Warm spring weather is moderate, the germination of all things life, climate variability, turns warm again. Mild spring sun was shining, fascinating intoxicated. When you wear sweetheart formal dress in the spring, you feel like in the picture inside of it?

Spring is also a good season for sports. In the spring burst on the scene of the day, brisk walking fitness method is a good choice, stroll in the fresh air of the countryside, not only breathe the fresh air, but also to achieve the effect of exercise consumption of fat.

This step by the physical strength to ride the bike, like a picture of the same through the beautiful surrounding scenery, the mood could not help but very fun; suddenly feel this is not only an exercise, but also a spiritual exile pleasure.

Climbing is an excellent aerobic exercise, fresh mountain air anomalies for the improvement of pulmonary ventilation, increased lung capacity, improve lung function is very good, while enhancing cardiac contractility. Rocky mountain roads, can help to improve the body’s balance, enhancing the coordination capacity of the limbs, especially after walking in the absence of human modification of the non-stage section, allows the body muscle thickening, muscular, increase body flexibility.

Kite-flying outing in the spring where you can breathe fresh air, clear mind, promote metabolism. The kite, you can active the whole body joints, can stretch their wings, and promote blood circulation; metabolism, improve blood circulation state, when the kite-flying proudly overlooking the monastery is surrounded hyperopic, the eye muscles and nerves can regulate and eliminate eye fatigue.

If allowed, you can choose to play golf. A golf swing, need to use the muscles and joints, especially the waist, shoulders and arms and other parts to complete, is conducive to exercise flexibility, but also to correct bad posture.

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