Royal Wedding Fail

May 3, 2011 by Imfinity  
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The wedding planners really FAIL’ed!

The Royal Wedding of Prince William (Arthur Philip Louis) /Duke of Cambridge and Kate Middleton/Catherine Elizabeth/Duchess of Cambridge was nice I admit it, although I really did not care one bit. 

So what I really wanted to talk/write about is the decoration, mostly in Westminster Abbey. As you can see in the next picture there is trees in the church, TREES!

Why would anyone put TREES in a church, WESTMINSTER ABBEY!

Now, I heard that it was Kate that wanted those trees in there and she married a prince so… then there will be trees! All I’m saying is poor those guys that brought in the trees.

Now if you pay attention to the second picture again, if you think about the placing of the trees. This wedding was, I guess you can say, a fairly large wedding so there is a lot of people there. So the people that had to be beside or behind the trees probably didn’t really have the time of they’re lives either. Remember that the whole wedding took place at the front of the church as you can see all the way in the middle in the top if the picture so those guys in the left and right bottom hand corners of the picture probably saw less than I saw the meat when I ate at that gourmet restaurant last week…

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