Roy Williams Wants His Ring Back Brooke Daniel’s!

July 7, 2011 by unholystrikes  
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A failed proposal, but the ring didnt get returned! Roy Williams is going to Court to bring his 76k Ring back, Watch out brooke.

Roy williams , Dallas cowboys receiver proposed To his girlfriend Former beauty pageant , Brooke Daniels by sending her a 76,000 $ Ring , Brooke Daniels Have turned him down , but surprisingly She didn’t Return the expensive Ring !

Brooke’s Father Told Odessa American That his Daughter WILL return the ring To avoid lawsuit Even though he says he has documentation That Williams Told her to keep it.

Apparently , When he asked For his ring , Daniels said She lost it .

In my opinion , if i had a 76000$ Ring , i won’t Keep it out of my sight , so will rich people . So Write a Comment 

Do you believe her 

You do not believe her

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