Ritzi and Her Man

April 30, 2011 by arielcnacion  
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This is a tale of love that ends with the correct punctuation mark.

(This piece is connected to previous readings: 1. Allan is a Boy 2. Allan is the Man 3. Ritzi is the Girl)

Like a knight in soft white armor, Allan is standing still on one side. His cheeks are miles apart. One date in his calendar is beginning to make history. An outdoor ceremony is fulfilling a childhood prophecy.

Ritzi paces towards the knight. Her steps are snail and her heartbeats are marathon. One date in her calendar is beginning to make history. An outdoor ceremony is materializing a front desk fantasy.

Today is just the perfect day. She stares at his eyes and she sees they’re melting. He stares at her eyes and he sees the future. She steals a sighting around. She feels so Buckingham. She is Kate Middleton about to exchange vows with her William prince. Ah, the feeling of royalty in front of her man. Like every successful love story written, they make it past the climax and this – this ceremony – is the best denouement in the making.

Jerry was her first. They did not make it. Allan became her dream. They did not make it, at first. Ritzi was his imaginary first. He could not make it. He got engaged to someone else. Well, perhaps fairytale does not work for an HR man and a night shift receptionist. End of conflicts. Destiny then sets in.

By his gentle hands, Allan reaches for Ritzi’s face. They make an intimate fence with each pressed against her cheeks. Ah, the perfect dorsum…it’s still there. Ritzi’s emotions are overflowing. Standing too close to him, even the word happiness is an understatement. 

Yes, I do. Lips are locked.

It is a room. It is pitch dark but it doesn’t take an eye to see her. It is a scented room. It is pitch dark but it doesn’t take a hand to feel him. Tonight is the glory of believing in and giving chance to destiny. She scents Giorgio Armani and he scents excitement.

He starts touching her. The rest is blockbuster.

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15 Responses to “Ritzi and Her Man”
  1. wamp33003 Says:

    an ending it is.

  2. lian rosa Says:

    I like the phrase ” She feels so Bukingham”. :)

  3. Macherie Says:

    its going to be punctuation mark alright after she wake up.lol

  4. arielcnacion Says:

    punctuation mark it is. lol. thnks mach and lian. =)

  5. ritzi zaldarriaga Says:

    u can change career na ye.hihihihihi
    nobel writer?
    i love it.

  6. arielcnacion Says:

    RITZI: did u just say nobel? hehe. thanks ritz and for allowing me to use your name. =)

  7. sujini20 Says:

    happy ending! pwede rin bang isulat nalang natin ahead of time ang isang fairytale happy ending para sa ating buhay? haha!

  8. jhoney chu Says:

    mark banquirig

  9. shermaen Says:

    someone fell in love with the story=)

  10. arielcnacion Says:

    shermaen, i wonder who that someone is.. hmmm… =)

  11. shermaen Says:

    well, u can stop wondering now=)

  12. jhoney chu Says:

    -very nice
    -you are a good writer/journalist
    -but i suggest you to make artistic
    -good luck to your journey
    -and god bless you.

  13. sasorene Says:

    correct punctuation mark indeed.

  14. payaltyagi Says:

    good sharing

  15. neopisiva Says:

    Ritzi has just become a legend of a character.:o)
    Nice share!

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