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October 1, 2009 by Cameron Kennedy  
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You’ve set the date and need to choose your dream wedding dress. Mom wants you to wear her dress? Maybe you just need to be pointed in the right direction. Some helpful advice on selecting a show stopping gown.

He’s proposed, you’ve said yes and now it’s time to find that perfect dress. Maybe you’ve had a dress in mind for years and maybe you don’t have a clue but one thing is for sure, you want it to be the dress of your dreams. You want to remember that day and night for the rest of your life and you want him to remember that moment he sees you saunter up that aisle.

Whether you choose a designer dress or a budget dress there are some things you need to know so you don’t waste your money on a disaster. Don’t let Mom or Grandma talk you into wearing their ancient dress that has yellowed. This is your day, your dress and you should choose the gown. After all you don’t want Mom and Dad’s junk all over you on your wedding night if you get my drift. It kind of ruins the mood unless you’re some kind of freak.

When selecting your gown make sure it fits properly. Don’t order a dress too small thinking you’ll lose the weight or shrink in height. If you choose the proper size and do lose weight it will be much easier to have it taken in rather than adding material to the dress. You’ll be much more comfortable and it will flatter your figure more if it fits properly. Remember, they will be taking photographs that day and you certainly don’t want to look back at yourself bulging out of the seams. Worse yet you could split the dress on the dance floor, wouldn’t that be a memory to last a lifetime.

You should think about the season and whether the wedding is indoors or outdoors. This will affect whether you want to wear long sleeves or short sleeves. If you choose an inappropriate dress for the weather and your setting you’ll be sweating or freezing to death. It will be a long day, be comfortable.

Comfort is important but remember the style. You don’t have to look like you came off the cover of a magazine but you certainly don’t want to show up with huge puffy sleeves like a pirate or wear some halter top that shows so much cleveage it would embarress your Dad. Remember to use taste because all of your family will be there, most of your friends and maybe some of your coworkers. His family will be ever so present too, don’t embarress him.

Some girls have shown up to the wedding with silly things like pink high tops under their gown or they want to pull off a goth look because it’s faze they are going through. If that’s not really who you are then be classy and make a classy statement. Don’t choose your attire based on a fad. Fads fade fast. Be yourself, if you are goth well then choose what you like but make sure it’s something you’ll appreciate and have fond memories of for years to come.

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