Preparing for a Traditional Wedding

June 9, 2009 by Ruby Hawk  
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It’s summer time and weddings are breaking out all over. Here is a guide to help you prepare for the wedding ceremony.

June and July are the most favored months of the year for weddings and there are many things that have to be arranged. Of course you have already done the initial planning. You have your budget ready,set the date, made the invitation list, ordered the invitations, and ordered the ring. but you still have to arrange for the wedding ceremony.

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You must make arrangements for a place to hold the ceremony and you will have many choices. It can be a church, synagogue, hall, park, lakeside, back yard, or any other place of your choice. Some places must be reserved far in advance of the ceremony, others are more readily available, such as parks, lakeside, and so on.

Retain someone to preform the wedding. It can be a rabbi, minister, priest, or justice of the peace. Make sure they will be available on the date you need them.

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Unless you have a garden of flowers available you will need to find a reasonably priced florist to provide the flowers. You can choose the flowers yourself.

Large weddings include bridesmaids and ushers in addition to the maid of honor, best man, ring bearer,and flower girl. Choose attendants from your relatives and close friends.

If the groom, best man and ushers plan to wear tuxedos, you will need to rent them. Each attendant will need to go for a fitting.

Choose a wedding gown for the bride, and gowns for the bridesmaids. She can choose white or any color she prefers. Coordinate the bride’s gown and the other gowns. Allow enough time for alterations if needed.

Choose a photographer based on cost and ability. View his previous work to see if it suits you. Be sure the photographer knows exactly what you want and knows everyone involved in the wedding.

Have a rehearsal a few days before the ceremony and be sure everyone involved attends. You might want to have a simple meal after the rehearsal, the traditional rehearsal dinner.

Good luck with your summer wedding. We have three weddings to attend in July. If anyone has any good ideas for memorial weddings gifts please let me know. I am running out of ideas for all the showers, graduations, birthdays, new babies, and weddings. I have depleted my best ideas, not to mention my money.

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27 Responses to “Preparing for a Traditional Wedding”
  1. Juhls Says:

    Sorry Ruby, I don’t have any good ideas for gifts. But I did enjoy your article. And I would recommend anyone interested in flowers to check out the flower department of their grocers. That’s were I got my wedding flowers. They were lovely but at a cost much less than the fancy florist shops.

  2. Betty Carew Says:

    This is very interesting Ruby seeing my neice is getting married in July and having a garden wedding I will certainly pass this along to her. Great article Ruby

  3. lowellpendon Says:

    Wow! quite a wedding preparation. Great article and the photos are just amazing. Great job, love it.

  4. Jenny Heart Says:

    Great ideas to help a summer wedding be successful. Loved it!

  5. ken bultman Says:

    Very complete article. I’m glad I’m past the stage where that’s no longer an issue.

  6. Lex92 Says:

    great article!

  7. Christine Ramsay Says:

    A very helpful article for a summer wedding. You do seem to have a lot of celebrations around a wedding. We have a lot fewer in this country. I wish you luck with them all.


  8. Ramalingam Says:

    Your concern is quite understandable.But, I shudder to think whether ideas of a person from India will suit your marriages.Thank you for sharing an informative article with the real concern of a father.

  9. Daisy Peasblossom Says:

    Photo albums are always good. Weddings seem to generate a lot of pictures that get thrown in a box and put away. Also, pictures of the guests at the wedding. Life marker occasions bring out people rarely seen or that live far away. It is a great time to get pics of those persons.

  10. Pinaki Ghosh Says:

    Thanks Ruby. Your article is very helpful for the dads.

  11. lanne Says:

    Very helpful article Ruby.

  12. NA Staffieri Says:

    Traditionally, planning should start a whole year in advance. Weddings are such great events. As long as I don’t have to plan it.
    PS – Yeah, my wife did most of our planning. I just sat around agreeing to everything that fit our budget. The only thing I planned was the chocolate wedding cake!

  13. PR Mace Says:

    Outstanding article. As for gifts money is always welcome and I know how you feel, my pocket book is running on empty.

  14. Joe Dorish Says:

    Good tips for summer weddings Ruby.

  15. Joie Schmidt Says:

    Nice article – - *:)



    -Liane Schmidt.

  16. Lauren Axelrod Says:

    Will you be my wedding planner? lol So many details

  17. clay hurtubise Says:

    Ruby, as always, a nice piece.

  18. Judy Sheldon Says:

    Doesn’t it make your head spin? My baby girl is getting married some time soon. Enjoy and take pictures for us!!

  19. Unofre Pili Says:

    As usual, a nice article maam.

  20. Mrs M Says:

    Weddings! There is just so much work that goes into them if your having a traditional ceremony. My sister is getting married next month and things are getting hectic as the time comes closer and closer! Lovely article.

  21. James DeVere Says:

    A tradiional wedding in the backyard? I thought they only took place in a church ! j

  22. Mr Ghaz Says:

    Excellent post!!..I really enjoyed reading your article..well done and thanks for sharing this wonderful work.

  23. writereva Says:

    The flowers you post was so cute, hehe… well i really love your post, in this post i think i need to engage also… :) hihi, what do you think is the most appropriate design of wedding dress.. hehe

  24. Brenda Nelson Says:

    Congrats on being on the top 10 HOT list!
    My non-traditional wedding was me, hubby, my daughter (her father had passed away – this was my second wedding, but even my first was nothing extravagent) and my neighbours as witnesses, it was in my dining room, we ate Pizza after.
    I couldnt see fit to spend so much money on a one day event, and celebrate the days after we wed, not the day of the wedding.
    Thats just me though, I dont want to take anything away from your article which is certainly a helpful guide for people to follow.

  25. Kate Smedley Says:

    Great advice as always Ruby, one of my friends is panicking as she gets married in four weeks, I’m going to send this to her, I’m sure it will help.

  26. Moses Ingram Says:

    Great advice, weddings are such delightful occasions.

  27. Ruby Hawk Says:

    Thank you my friends, You are the best.

    B, My wedding was at the Justice of the Peace’s office. We barely had the fee to pay him but I was as happy as any bride on their wedding day.

    James a backyard garden is an excellent place for a wedding.

    Thanks for the gift ideas, I had run completely out, and still 3 weddings to go next month.

    take care everyone and good luck to all the weddings coming up.

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