How to Have a Hippie Themed Wedding

October 22, 2007 by Kristie Leong MD  
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If you’re a flower girl at heart, why not express yourself with a hippie themed wedding? Here’s how to plan a wedding with a hippie theme.

Would you like to add a bit of hippie flare to your upcoming wedding? If you’re a flower child at heart, a hippie themed wedding may be perfect for you. If you’re not sure how to plan your future hippie wedding, here are some ideas:

Have your hippie wedding outside.

The beach is a perfect setting for a wedding with a hippie theme. You can stand barefoot with your groom on the cool sand and celebrate your upcoming life together. What could be better? If the sand and shore aren’t for you, why not consider a mountain setting for your wedding? You can still go barefoot when you take your vows and feel the cool earth between your toes.

Go for a natural look.

For a hippie wedding, you’ll want to go more natural with your hair and makeup. Wear your hair long and natural with flowing waves. If you don’t have naturally wavy hair, use rollers or a crimping iron to get the look. Add some beautiful flowers such as daisies to your hair along with a few ribbons. Why not choose a 1960’s themed wedding dress to complete your look? The material should be all natural and simple, keeping with the hippie fashion theme. You may be able to find the perfect dress at a vintage clothing or second hand clothing store. If weather permits, go barefoot or wear a pair of sandals.

Be original with your party favors.

Create a fun hippie setting by having beaded table accessories such as beaded napkin rings, brightly colored place mats with funky patterns, and even incense. You can also add special touches such as wedding favors in the shape of little trees or butterflies. If you plan on having your hippie wedding on the beach, sprinkle sea glass and shell necklaces around on the tables. You could also give each guest a small plant to take home to plant in their yard to remember your special day. A centerpiece with a candle surrounded by colorful wildflowers would add a nice touch to an outdoor hippie wedding.

Express the hippie theme with your wedding food.

Why not have your wedding cake decorated with a peace sign prominently displayed in the middle? As an alternative to a wedding cake, you could have cupcakes with peace signs drawn on with icing. These will add to the general hippie theme of your upcoming wedding.

Express the hippie theme with music.

Choose music that was popular in the 1960’s during the hippie movement. Who can forget the song, “I Love the Flower Girl” which might be appropriate for your wedding. Anything by John Lennon may also be consistent with your hippie wedding theme.

A hippie wedding theme can be fun for both you and your guests and will leave you with many happy memories of your big day.

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9 Responses to “How to Have a Hippie Themed Wedding”
  1. Barrett Says:

    Include pouches of seeds forr party favors. If you have wildflowers for your wedding make them wildflower seeds. Include a note in the pouch encouraging people to toss them in their yard, so they can remember you every time they smell them.

  2. Renee Says:

    This is cute, and I plan on having plenty of hippie-isms at my wedding, but….

    peace sign cupcakes? A little tongue in cheek, don’t you think? It’s turning an identity into a cartoon character. That’s like having skull cupcakes at a goth wedding :(

    Otherwise, cute.

  3. sara Says:

    cool hippie tips my eco-friendly invites are in the mail.

  4. kristen Says:

    i didn’t think about that but when i get married i want to have a hippie themed wedding thats like the coolest thing ever.

  5. tash Says:

    i was wondering what i should have my soon to be hubby wear? i can’t find basic tunics for men…. i don’t want full on color PLEASE HELP

  6. Heather Says:

    I liked the general concept of your ideas. Im having a semi-hippie themed wedding this year, so I was interest, but Im not too fond of the cupcake idea, thats just stereo-typing. I want to wear a headband that liked ties around my head, I think that will be cute. And I think we might have the guys either dress in white shirts and tan pants or (my fiance) he wants to wear tye-die shirts and tan pants. What do yall think??

  7. Lee Says:

    doing a hippie theme for 4th wedding anniversary and renewing our vows at a lake end of May, I’m doing up 4 large incense tied with jute with beads , also giving each guest a cd with our fav tunes for the hippie theme, having finger foods and fresh veggie and fruit platters.. a wonderful friend is making cupcakes with peace signs and all kinds of wonderful things…. Got a great idea from you with using a center peice thanks….. We are requesting that our guests dress hippie style casual.. my hubby and I are wearing tye-dyed shirts and jeans, daisies in my long hair, going to have a scrap book for guests to sign and have their picture taken and placed in it.. I’m also decorating with coffee filters that look tye-dyed from food coloring.. making them into flowers using pipe cleaners .. we are thinking of having a small pinata for the children whom will be present ..

  8. Dee Says:

    We are having the Summer of Love hippie theme for our wedding this year. Staying true with the spirit of the theme our food is being made by all of our guests everyone is bringing something special that they have made – pot luck dinner like in the good old days of the 60’s. In this economy it works perfectly.

  9. Brenda Says:

    I have seen some great hippy wedding favours at the egg cosies are ideal.

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