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January 30, 2012 by annathomson  
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For many brides, a wedding dress has a lot of emotional attachment and investment. When wearing your mother’s wedding dress on your big day, they can be pleasant, it is important to keep in mind that it is your wedding day.

 You should wear a wedding dress that really is your sense of style, and one that compliments your figure. Here are five reasons not to wear your mother’s wedding dress.

Your sense of individuality. A bride should own their wedding day, and especially her dress. You can wear your mother’s wedding dress that you lose a sense for you. At best it is a dress that you try to feel good to walk down the aisle in, rather than to have to please others. Her mother had her moment in her dress in her day, you must also experience the same thing in a wedding dress that everything you are. Otherwise you may end up feeling more like an actor in a costume.

Personal taste. Your personal taste and fashion sense may be different from what your mom wore years ago in their youth. You want to have the dress of your dreams, realize your fantasy wedding a reality presented. When your number is too different from the mother at the time of their wedding, you may end up doing serious changes to the dress, you should choose to wear it. This can be a hassle and you will be better off if you pick out a wedding dress shop something that is more conforming to your body. Besides depending on the look of the wedding dress, the sentimentality of it disappointed to lose the wedding guests who feel the lack of fashion, so to speak.

Does not fit the wedding theme. You probably have a particular theme for your big day and chose the wedding dress may not fit into the theme of the wedding. Wear your mother’s dress may conflict with this vision to stand like a sore thumb. You may even end up changing your whole theme and color scheme to integrate just about the dress.

Dress damage and changes. If your mother’s dress is not in the best condition, it can be difficult to clean it, and the soft tissue after so many years, so that you take with a damaged dress. If the costs have to be a limiting factor, there are many good clothes at second hand stores. You can even pick up a designer dress at very low prices from dress store sales or places like Bridal Garden to sell donated wedding dresses.

Weather considerations. Although it might seem that the weather has nothing to do with the choice to wear your mother’s wedding dress, it has a lot to do. If you are planning a summer wedding in the open air, wearing a long sleeve wedding dress of your mother born in a winter wedding is not a good idea. The same applies to you wear with a winter wedding in a light dress of your mother for a summer wedding.

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