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July 23, 2007 by Jenn Weiss  
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Ideas on games to play at a wedding shower.

It’s a tradition that a few months before a wedding there is a bridal shower to introduce friends and family to the bride and her bridal party, not to mention the helpfulness in the gifts.

One of the hardest parts of planning a bridal shower is planning the games that should be played. Every shower is different, but some ideas run short. Here are a few ideas on some games that can be played at the shower:

  1. Toilet Paper Bride:

    This game is played in groups and is a wonderful ice breaker. The bride can either choose the groups or let the guests pick them. The object is to make a bridal gown out of a roll of toilet paper within a minute. Once the minute is over the bride chooses the gown she thinks is the best. This game involves all the guests and gives them a chance to be creative. It’s the discretion of the bride if the team gets a prize or not.

  2. Bridal Bingo:

    This one seems to be the most common game at bridal showers. This is done during the opening of gifts. Guests fill in a bingo board with gifts they think the bride will receive. You can have it say BRIDE instead of bingo, and have guests shout of “BRIDE!” instead of bingo. As the bride opens her gifts guests cross of items, and when they get a bingo, they get a prize. Normally this continues until all the leftover prizes from the other games are gone. It’s the last game played since the gift opening is the last thing done.

  3. Bridal Trivia:

    Now this game could be fun to play and a little hard to create. You give the guests a list of questions about the bride like “where does the bride work?” and you can include some about the groom as well. You get to see who knows the bride the best and allows guests who don’t know the bride get to know her better. It does take some time to create because you tend to want to think of some easy questions, but also those challenging ones. The guest with the most questions right gets a prize.

  4. Word Search/Scramble:

    This one is a little different and creative. You can create a word search or word scramble this words related to weddings and the bride like flowers, gown, etc. It gives the guests something to do in between games, and can keep the little kids quiet. With this game you don’t have to provide a gift for the one who finishes first or anything. It’s like a filler game to help transition or give people something to do while everyone is eating.

  5. Groom’s Name:

    For this game you make a play necklace out of paper or fabric. Anytime the person wearing the necklace says the groom’s name they have to give it up to someone else. Whoever has the necklace at the end of the shower wins. It may seem easy, but you don’t realize how often the groom’s name can be mentioned or needed at the shower. Little girls love this game because they want to try and hold on to that necklace until the end, some get to keep it afterwards.

  6. Songs:

    This is another game you can play in groups and can be used as an icebreaker. You can have the groups name as many songs with the word “love” or “wedding” in it. This game really makes the guests think about songs they know. Although, people can cheat at this game if they have a download ring tones feature on their cell phones. It also gives others a chance to portray their musical interests and let people know about songs out there.

Bridal showers are fun and exciting for the bride, and some work. Playing a few games can help transition from one thing to another easier. It’s fun for the guests as well as the bride. There is a lot to be done with a bridal shower, hopefully this list of ideas can be helpful to relieve some stress.

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  1. Sherry Says:


    Everyone sets in a circle. Wrap two (or three depending on how many guests you have) gifts to give to
    two or three guests setting in the circle. Tell the guests to listen closely as you read the following and
    pass the gift to their left or right whenever they hear it read. Don’t read this to slow, it will make the
    game much funnier as they try to keep up and pass the gift in the correct order. Don’t stop to let them
    catch up if they get confused. Let them figure that out themselves.

    (brides name) knew right away that she had found Mr Right and the right date was set. Now seemed to

    be the right time to start so she left right after lunch and right to her mothers house she went. She

    left in such a rush that she left her to-do list right on the table. But there was no time to turn back. She

    knew she needed to get started right away to make sure nothing was left undone. With little time left to

    spare there is so much left to do. She ask her mother to write down an address list and she left to find

    the right invitations. On her way, she left a message at the florist and right into the bridal shop she ran.

    Right in the window was the perfect dress. Oh no, I left my checkbook right in the car. Hold that

    dress, I’ll be right back. With that done, she called Mr. Right and left him a message to call her right

    back. She left to meet the florist who had left her a message that they had the right flowers for her.

    Mr. Right called her right back and said he left a message for the preacher to call him right back and

    he had just left work and would be right over. She left the florist and ran right over to met Mr Right.

    Right away they discussed what was left to do. “Who will be the right best man?” She left that up to

    Mr Right. “I’ll get the right maid of honor.” Right away they started shopping for the right rings. With

    that done, the next stop was to order the right cake. Mr. Right could clearly see his future, Ms. Right,

    was on the right track. After a long day, all that was left to do was get right home to see if any

    messages were left while they were out. “Lets call it a day”. “Whatever is left to do, can be left until

    tomorrow.” With a kiss, he left and she went right to bed.

    Whoever is holding the gift at the end, wins that gift.

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