A Special Homemade Bridal Shower Invitation

August 20, 2008 by T Deno  
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Create a fantastic homemade bridal shower invitation.

When you are looking for different wedding invitation ideas, you will not doubt come across the idea of the homemade bridal shower invitation. While some people may think this is elementary and a little hokey, with the right touches you can make a homemade bridal shower invitation the best invitation anyone has ever received.

Creativity Is Key

If you are looking into making a homemade bridal shower invitation instead of using store bought invitations, you will want to come up with something that people have never seen before in a homemade bridal shower invitation. This is where you will need to come up with a theme for your party. You can make it anything that you like-a Vegas gambling theme, a beach party theme, or even a theme that celebrates the old tradition of exchanging recipes. All of these ideas will work in order to give yourself room to make the perfect homemade bridal shower invitation.

In order to choose the theme for your homemade bridal shower invitation, you will want to first think about the bride-to-be. What would she like? What are some of her favorite activities? This will help you narrow down the theme of your invitations and shower. And once you have your theme, you can get rolling on the invitations.

Remember that the homemade bridal shower invitation that you come up with doesn’t all have to rest on your shoulders. You can get the help of all your guests. Take for instance the recipe exchange theme. You can send out an invitation that looks like a recipe written on an index card, and also include another index card for someone to write their special recipes on. Have the guests bring these recipes and you can easily have a fun recipe exchange, letting everyone go home with a recipe that is not their own. You can also turn this into an inexpensive present for the bride, by providing her with all these recipes to cook for her new husband.

You can come up with great ideas like this and so much more when you want to get started on a homemade bridal shower invitation. Remember that this is the bride’s special celebration, so make sure that the theme is something she would love. As the bridesmaids or maid of honor, you will know just what the bride needs in order to feel like a queen for the day, even before her wedding day.

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