My Opinions on Wedding Cards That I Receive Here

February 7, 2011 by wonder  
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Simple invitation cards are best.Just an auspicious golden or a silver line would do for me.

A wedding card lies out there on the table, unread. It is in the form of a booklet: the reception is going to be held at various places and venues: hence the elaboration.

Weddings have become an exhibition everywhere; people are stressed out and are looking for ways of releasing themselves. Invitation cards thus have to proclaim, if not flaunt the event loud and clear. But what if the party happens to fall short of the expectations generated by the card?

Some cards come in scrolls with gold dust sprinkled on them; to be sprinkled on you no sooner you try to unroll it. Before long you begin looking like a member of the Inca clan with gold dust blown all over your face. These scrolls are accompanied with a box of sweets in addition—not bad though.

According to me, wedding invitation cards are only a prelude to the event and not a leaf out of the event. It cannot be akin to an invitation card for a fete or a jam session wherein you have to draw the audience.  Here I am supposed to humbly solicit your presence; I should not forget I am the host, as we know a host is supposed to keep a low profile.

There is a dividing line between a greetings card and a card on the context of a personal celebration. A greeting card has no restrictions. Provided the hint of flaunting the event is eliminated a wedding card too may be artistic, formal, personalized whatever. The commercial and flashy ones that I receive so often are cliché to me.

The cards are supposed to travel from the table to the bin, but I feel sorry to throw away the good quality paper with which these cards are made of. Hence they spend a few more days with me, to be discarded at a later date.

Finally, an email card should do, for those who could afford a computer. After all, paper is nothing but an example of a flattened forest.

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17 Responses to “My Opinions on Wedding Cards That I Receive Here”
  1. vijayanths Says:

    Good share.

  2. jennifer eiffel01 Says:

    Very good article. My daughter would use that invitation to write an article on it, if you didn’t want to keep it. She sometimes writes her whole article on envelopes that I got in the mail and did not want

  3. SharifaMcFarlane Says:

    A flattened forest. That’s one way of looking at it.
    If most of the guests are fans of social networks, email, etc., they may not mind an email invitation.

  4. CHIPMUNK Says:

    is true well written

  5. Ann Yo Says:

    These are very good tips, thanks for sharing, 5 star rating plus recommendation!

  6. Suni51 Says:

    Have you ever received a card with a silver coin fixed to it. I have received few of them. Wonderful idea, and you know, I am waiting for the day, with a car key in one of them.

  7. lillyrose Says:

    I feel the same. Weddings are just so competitive. It seems everyone is trying to make money out of them.

  8. rajaryanme Says:

    A nice share about weddings.

  9. Starpisces Says:

    very well said, I think some just want to impress people with the cards.
    I ever received one with the couple’s wedding photo printed on the card.

  10. tiffi Says:

    Very interesting share!

  11. CA Johnson Says:

    This is very good. I enjoyed reading your views on cards. I don’t always like getting flashy cards like that either.

  12. DaYong Says:

    i completely agree with you!

  13. lonelyplanet Says:

    Good wedding cards article.

  14. Anuradha Ramkumar Says:

    Email wedding card is something that needs to be welcomed, but sadly there are still people who feel they are not given due respect if you send them an email wedding card or call them over phone. They need an elaborate invitation starting from a plate laden with fruits, atchadhai, turmeric, kumkum and seeking blessings from the them by touching their feet, etc. If anyone is missing, they feel they are insulted. I’ve had such bad experience and just sharing it with you, Wonder.

  15. gaby7 Says:

    I liked this article!

  16. tani90 Says:

    A very nice topic. I truly agree, in India wedding is such a provoking factor that people have all those flash cards out there. Nice thoughts…

  17. nanny Says:

    I agree.

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