Marathi Wedding – Haldi Ritual

January 22, 2013 by Sunjhini  
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Marathi Wedding – Haldi ritual.

The ritual of applying haldi is an integral part of Indian wedding. Although different parts of India have their own unique style of celebrating. In Maharashtra, or in a Marathi wedding, the ritual takes an entertaining turn. The ritual starts in the evening, a day before the wedding. This takes place in both the groom’s and the bride’s houses.

The relatives who would attend the wedding start pouring in from that day itself. The bride/groom are made to sit on an elevated seat. All the relatives would surround them. After initial prayers and blessing each one will apply haldi (turmeric) on the groom’s/bride’s hands, legs and hair. Some of the relatives, usually the younger lot, would start playing and apply haldi on anyone they could lay their hands on. They won’t spare hair or teeth either.

It’s fun to watch them enjoying and laughing. Sometimes the older generation would join in the merrymaking too. Since the next day is the wedding day, all would look pale, a shade of yellow.


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