Marathi Buddhist Wedding

February 12, 2013 by Sunjhini  
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Marathi Buddhist Wedding.

In Maharashtra (India), the followers of Gautam Buddha have a wedding in which rituals are an amalgamation of Marathi and Buddhist traditions.

Buddhist wedding rituals are very simple. No prolonged chantings or Agni (the sacred fire), no mandatory rules and regulations.

Early morning on the day of wedding, the groom and his family visit Dragon palace or Vihaar and seek the blessings of Gautama Buddha. The light incense sticks and offer prayers. After that the procession starts towards the bride’s home or to the wedding hall. The procession is called Baarat.

Once they reach the venue, the bride’s family welcome the groom’s with aarati.

Both the bride and the groom are made to sit on the elevated platform. During this ritual they have to wear white colored clothes. It is one of the few mandatory rule of  Buddhist Wedding.

The couple then bow three times before Gautama Buddha’s statue, light candles and incense sticks and then they sit on the ground facing the statue. The Monk starts enchanting vandana which the couple has to repeat after every line.

Once the vandana is over, the bride and groom stand facing each other. Warmala or garland of flowers is handed to the couple. As the Monk sings vandana, the bride places the garland around groom’s neck and vice versa.

At this point the relatives, friends and families throw flowers at the couple.

I feel it’s a beautiful ritual.

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