Maharashtrian Wedding Rituals

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Maharashtrian Wedding rituals.

Continuing from the post wedding rituals of Marathi Wedding –

The entire ceremony Is all about bride bidding goodbye to her family and her home. It is an emotional scene for both the family and the bride. On one hand she is taking a step towards a new life while on the other she is leaving behind her home. The couple touch the feet of elders and seek their blessings. They then bid her by tearful hugs and kisses. The couple sit in a vehicle and like Baarat the procession starts towards the home with music and fireworks.

Once the couple reach the groom’s house, groom’s mother welcomes the bride into the house. This is the first time she is visiting the house after marriage.
The bride topples a vessel filled with rice. It signifies that this bride  will bring luck and prosperity will flow in the house.

This is the night when the couple consummates their marriage. Their bed is decorated with flowers and the groom is given a glass of milk to drink.

Halad Utaravane
The morning after the wedding, five suvasinis (women) do the same as Haldi ritual but in reverse order.

Tikhati Mejwani
On the wedding day, the feast was vegetarian, so for non-vegetarian family members, another feast is held.


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