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June 2, 2013 by BG0303  
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Stick to your vows.

Someday when you get married make sure it’s who you want to spend your future with and I know things don’t always work out but make it work go to marriage therapy or chat with your pastor I’m pretty something will work so you’re not spending all that money for a divorce it’s not worth it. And that way your family and friends and kids won’t have to be part of the pain you caused if your not together because alot of people witness you both and heard you give your wedding vows before God. This is something to really think about and wait to fully get to know the person before getting married to them and breathe and do a pros and cons list if your questioning if you’re going to make the right decision because nobody I mean nobody wants to see you separated or divorce believe me. And even though my aunt and ex uncle aren’t married anymore I’m still very close to them both and I’m even close with my step uncle and step aunt I think of them as parents so that’s the good part but some people don’t get along with their new family or whomever.

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