Indian Wedding

April 1, 2013 by Sunjhini  
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Indian Wedding.

Indian weddings are beautiful and lively, with lots of music and dance. Although each community and state has its own wedding ceremony, many of them are same, different only in the name.

For example the ritual of Haldi in which both the bride and groom are applied turmeric paste by friends and relatives is an integral part of many Indian weddings.

Mehendi too is important and for many it is a mark of fashion statement. There are many states where even the groom needs to apply mehendi.

Juron – The ceremony in which gifts are presented to the bride by the groom’s family is known by different names in different parts of India.

Baraat -  the procession of Groom and his friends and relatives towards the wedding venue is another event which is common to all the weddings.

The exchange of garlands, the holy fire or Mangalsutra are some of the rituals which not all the indian weddings follow. Mangalsutra (a type of neck piece made of black beads and gold worn only by married women) is a symbol not many cultures in india follow, specially the north eastern part. Along with that there are some states wear toe rings are worn by married women.

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