How to Write Wedding Invitation Wordings?

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Wordings of an Invitation are very essential in a Wedding and here I want to share everything you need to know about it.

You can have three different types of wedding according to which you need to choose the correct format like one is church wedding or is house or casual wedding and last one is second marriage.

And the invitation wordings are divided in 7 segments and they are:

  • Hosts: Who is Hosting?
  • Request
  • The Couple: Names
  • Date and Time
  • Venue: Location
  • Reception Timing
  • RSVP: Please Reply
  • Optional: Other Details

Host: Who is Hosting?

Traditionally bride’s parents do the honor to host so it should always be like this

MR. and Mrs. Darwin Bayne

But if you have casual or house wedding you can have the names like this

Catherine and Darwin Bayne

If bride and groom are hosting then it should be like this:

Ms. Andrea Smith and Mr. George Jones


The next line is the request that your guest receive. Now if your venue is church then the request line should be like this:

Request the honor of your presence at the

marriage of our daughter/son

If the wedding is venue at your place or some other than the lines should be like this:

would be delight for you to attend the

marriage of their daughter/son


Request the pleasure of your company at the

marriage of their daughter/son

And if the couple is hosting then these lines should be like:

invite you to join the celebration of

our marriage


The names of the couple must be listed with first and middle name and bride’s name should be listed first. So it should be like this:

Andrea Smith


Mr. George Scott Jones

Or now a days your can use this alternative style:

Andrea Smith


George Jones

You can use and/or whatever suits you the best.

Date and Time:

Always remember one thing always use roman numbers like 5th or fifth in the invitation wedding and traditionally date and time are written in the way:

Wednesday, July 14, 2009

at 6:30 p.m.


Wednesday, the fourteenth of July

two thousand and nine

at half after six o’clock in the evening

Venue: Location

The address of the location should be written like this:

The New Horizon Club,

23, Pine Street

Hudson, Ohio

And if the location of wedding is a famous place need not to write the full address just the name like:

The Museums of Antiques

Hudson, Ohio


You can use the same invitation for the details of wedding reception or you can give a different card with the invitation for the reception. You can write:

And afterwards cake and cocktails in the Area 51 Club


Dancing and Desert at Area 51 Club

And if your reception is not just after ceremony then it should be like this:


7 o’clock

Area 51 Club,

76, Pine Street

Hudson, Ohio


RSVP is written on the card but if you include a different card for the RSVP like:

In the favor of the reply is request before fifth of July.


RSVP before fifth of July


Please reply before fifth of July

Optional: Other Details

If you have a themed wedding then your can write the details of atteire or other requirements like if you have beach wedding your can inform the guest about the sun lotion or their swimming costumes or if you have a party where children are not allowed then just write Adult Reception

Add a little bit of your own carzy and creative innovative ideas to make it Perfect.

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