How to Tell If Someone Has a Crush on You

June 1, 2010 by rochkirstin  
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How can I tell if this person likes me? How do I know who to talk to when I am out and about? These are just two of the many questions people ask. Read on to unlock the secrets to how body language works, and get the guy or girl you have always had a crush on!

Chapter 1 – Body Language

Since 80 to 90 percent of your day-to-day communication is expressed subconsciously through body language, the ability to read the person’s body language towards you is one thing you must learn, observe and practice. From sitting on a train full of strangers to sitting in a cinema with the person you like, there is always body language going on between people that they are not consciously aware of.

Some people are born naturals and seem to have the ability to always know what to say or do when they are interested in someone. The reason behind this is that their brains have a natural ability to react to the body language the other person is giving them. These people are usually the so-called “charmers.” People, who are otherwise on the other side of the spectrum, need the knowledge up their sleeves in order to execute such skills. If you can master the ability to read a person’s body language, you have a MAJOR advantage on your hands.

The Eye Contact Test is a very useful tool when it comes to identifying a person that may have an interest in talking to you. You may be out at a party, out at the beach, at a bar, or even on the train on the way home, you can always use this trick to see just who is interested in talking to you, and I guarantee, you will be surprised at the results! Try this next time you are at a party with friends or at a bar looking for potential friends, or wherever you like: When you spot a person you like, browse around the room then subtly look at their eyes for a moment to make eye contact. When they look back at you making eye contact, quickly look away, look around the room for a second, then glance back to attempt making eye contact a second time.

If they look back and make eye contact with you a second time, they clearly show an interest in you, however this does not yet mean a positive interest. After making eye contact the second time, look away again and pretend you are looking around the room, but keep an eye on how he or she is reacting. Naturally, if they are interested in you, they will be doing something along the lines of brushing their hair with their hands, fixing their shirt/dress, or in some way grooming themselves. This is their subconscious body language saying “I am attracted to you, and I would like you to come talk to me.” Practice this a few times before actually making the move to go talk to someone.

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