How to Take Good Care of Your Wedding

June 27, 2011 by samlover  
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How to Take Good Care of Your Wedding.

It’s quite possibly the most precious garment a woman buys in her lifetime, but once the wedding day is over, that dream wedding dress often ends up in a box in the back of a closet. Reminds you that pay attention to the lace wedding dress storage, no matter it is a cheap wedding dress or a expensive

Wedding dress could be one of the witnesses of the couple happy time, and it is part of the fabric of family history and special care should be taken to maintain their beauty for generations. Here are some tips that the author extract for the wedding dress storage:

Cleaning should be done within several weeks of the wedding. The longer soil and stains have to set, the more difficult they are to remove.

Colorless soil and stains can age and discolor the fabric. Soil and grit cause abrasion and deteriorate textiles. Stains can be washed by hand at home with the careful use of a soft cotton cloth and distilled water.

To prevent mold, the gown must be completely dry before being packed away. Do not dry clean, starch or otherwise treat the clothing. Do not use vinyl or plastic bags for storage. These bags can give off damaging fumes, trap moisture and provide an environment for mildew to grow. Avoid bags with zippers or snaps, as metal can corrode.

For storage, select a dry area free from drastic temperature changes. Basements, attics or exterior wall closets are generally unsatisfactory. High attic temperatures during summer can cause oxidation. Basement areas are subject to moisture, mildew and flooding. Select an area with adequate air circulation, but away from light.

Use acid-free boxes and acid free-tissue paper. The latter will absorb any acid present.

The type storage of the wedding dress will come soon.

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